05.11.23       Morning Murli        Om Shanti   10.03.96   BapDada       Madhuban

Experience of the karmateet stage by remaining aware of Karanhar and Karavanhar.

Today, the Benefactor Father is seeing His benefactor children who are His companions. All of you children are engaging yourselves in the task of world benefit with a lot of deep love. Seeing such companions, BapDada constantly sings the song: Wah My companion children! Wah! All of you also continually sing songs of "Wah! wah!", do you not? Today, BapDada saw the speed of service everywhere. Along with this, He also saw the speed of effort for yourself. So, what would BapDada have seen in the speed of service and of effort for yourself? Do you know this? Is the speed of service fast or is the speed of effort for yourself fast? Which is faster? Is there a balance of the two? Do you not have this balance? So, when will you world-transformer souls and the elements receive blessings? Because only when you have this balance will others receive the blessings that you have received. So, why is there this difference? What are you called? Are you karma yogis or just yogis? What are you? You are karma yogis, are you not? Are you sure? So what is service? It is karma, is it not? When you perform any action, when you speak or give drishti, when you are giving courses or explaining at the museums, all of those are elevated actions, that is, they are service. So, to be a karma yogi means to have that balance of yoga when performing karma. However, you yourselves say that your balance decreases. What is the reason for the balance decreasing? You also know this very well; it is nothing new; it is something very old. BapDada saw that, in order to keep a balance between service and karma and effort for the self, that is, for yoga, especially remember one word. What is that word? The Father is Karavanhar (One who acts through others) and I, a soul, am not so-and-so, but I, a soul, am karanhar (one who acts). Therefore, the one word, Karankaravanhar, will enable you to have this balance very easily. What is the reason why your balance or speed of effort for yourself decreases? Instead of having the awareness of karanhar, you think: I am getting this done. Instead of being karanhar, you consider yourself to be karavanhar and think: I am doing this. So, whatever type of Maya it is that comes, which gate does she come through? You already know the easiest gate of Maya; it is "I". You have not completely closed this gate as yet. You close it in such a way that Maya is easily able to open it and enter through it. If you were to be karanhar, you would definitely remember the One who is inspiring you to do it. I am doing this, but it is the Father who is inspiring me to do it. Without Karavanhar, you cannot become karanhar. You need to have the awareness of Karavanhar in a double way. One is the Father who is Karavanhar and, secondly, I, a soul, am the one who acts through these physical organs. By doing this, while you are performing actions, you will not be influenced, either in a good way or a bad way. This is known as the karmateet stage.

What is the aim of all of you? You wish to become karmateet, do you not? Do you think: It doesn’t matter if a little bondage of karma remains? Should it remain or not? Do you wish to become karmateet? The sign of love for the Father is to become karmateet. Therefore, perform actions as a karavanhar. Perform actions and enable actions to be performed: let it not be that your physical organs make you perform actions, but that you make your physical organs perform actions. Enable actions to be performed while you are completely detached. Let this consciousness emerge and not be merged. When you have this merged, then, instead of being karavanhar, you sometimes become influenced by your organs, which are the mind, the intellect and the sanskars. What is the reason for this? "I, a soul, am karavanhar. I am the master. I am a master almighty authority soul." This awareness makes you aware of being the master. Otherwise, sometimes, your mind rules you and sometimes you rule your mind. This is why you are not constantly able to have a natural “Manmanabhav” stage. I am totally separate. I am not just separate, but I am the master. When I remember the Father, I am a child and when I am the soul who is enabling actions to be performed, I am the master. You don't pay so much attention to having this practise. You are very well engaged in doing service, but what is your aim? Is it of becoming a server or of becoming karmateet? Or, will you become both at the same time? Do you have this firm practice? Are you able to practise this for a short time? Are you able to separate yourself? Or, have you become so attached that you need time to become detached? In how much time are you able to become detached? Do you want five minutes or one minute or one second? Are you able to become detached in a second?

Pandavas, are you able to become totally separated in a second? I, a soul, the master, am separate from any physical organs, my workers. Practise this whenever you want. Achcha, now in one second, become detached and loving to the Father. Have a very powerful practice of: I am detached. These physical organs are my companions. They are my companions while I perform actions, but I am loving and detached. Now practise this in a second. (Baba made them do drill.) Is this easy or is it difficult? If it is easy, then, throughout the entire day, while performing actions, let this awareness emerge and you will easily be able to experience the karmateet stage. Are you able to stop doing service or performing action? Would you be able to stop that? You have to do that. Even to sit in tapasya is to perform an action. So, you cannot stay without performing action or serving. In fact, you mustn't stay without it because you have very little time and a lot of service still remains to be accomplished. The form of service has changed. However, even now, many souls still have complaints. This is why you must have the balance of service and effort for yourself. Let it not be that, because you were so busy doing service, your effort for yourself was lacking; no. In fact, while doing service, you need to pay greater attention to making effort on yourself, because Maya has a lot of margin in many ways to come to you while you are serving. It may be called service, but it would really be your own selfishness. You wish to make yourself progress, but, while progressing, you must not forget to have a balance, because it is in doing service that there is the expansion of nature and relationships and Maya also looks out for an opportunity. When your balance decreases even slightly, Maya adopts many new forms. She would not come to you in the same old form. She would come to you in new forms; in the form of new situations and new connections. If BapDada were to release you from doing service and make you sit somewhere for a month, or even for fifteen days, would you become karmateet? If you were given one month not to do anything, but just sit down and have tapasya, and even cook just once, would you be able to become karmateet? Would you not be able to become karmateet?

If you do not practise keeping a balance, then, let alone just one month, even if you were to sit for two months, although your body would sit, your mind would not be able to sit. You have to make your mind sit, not just your body. As well as your body, you also have to make your mind sit. “Just sit down! You and I, and none other.” Would you be able to have such tapasya for a month? Or, would you remember service? BapDada and the drama continually show you that service has to increase day by day. So, how can you sit down? When you compare the service you were doing last year with that of this year, has it increased or decreased? It has increased, has it not? Even against your wish, you are bound in doing service. However, by having a balance, instead of it being a bondage of service, there would be a relationship of service, just as in worldly relationships you understand that there are karmic bondages and also relationships of service. You will not then experience any bondage, but just a sweet relationship of service. So, what attention will you keep paying? The balance of service and effort on yourself. Do not go into the extremes of service. It is not, "I alone have to do it. I alone can do it." No, the One who inspires you to act is inspiring you to do it and you are just an instrument who is karanhar, the one who is acting. So, while having that responsibility, you will not get so tired. Some children say: I have done a lot of service and so I am tired, and my head has become heavy. Instead of your head becoming heavy, Karavanhar Baba will give you a very good massage and your head will become even fresher. You will not experience any tiredness and you will have extra energy. When bodies are able to receive energy from the medicine of science, can souls not then receive energy by having remembrance of the Father? When energy comes to souls, it automatically influences the bodies. You have experienced this; you sometimes have this experience. Then, while moving along, you sometimes change your direction and are no longer aware of anything. When unhappiness comes or your head becomes heavy, you then become aware and you wonder: What happened? Why did it happen? Therefore, simply remember these words: Karanhar and Karavanhar. Is this difficult or easy? Say, "Ha ji". Achcha.

Have you created the population of 900,000? How many have you created in the foreign lands? Have you created 900,000? Have you created this many in Bharat? You have not. So, you are not allowing the needle of completion to move forward. Therefore, keep a balance. This is the year of the Diamond Jubilee and so you have to do a lot of service. However, do service while keeping this balance and subjects will be created very quickly; it will not take any time. Matter and the elements have become very tired and souls have become disheartened, and whom do they remember when they are disheartened? They remember God, the Father. However, because of not having His full introduction, they remember you deities a lot more. So, are you not able to hear the calls of the disheartened souls? Are you able to hear them or are you so caught up with your own selves? You are merciful, are you not? What do you call the Father? Merciful. People of all religions ask for mercy; they definitely ask for this. They may not all ask for happiness, but they all want mercy. So, who will give them this? You are bestowers, are you not? Or, are you those who take? You are those who receive and who then give to others. You are the children of the Bestower. Therefore, become merciful to your brothers and sisters, and when you do service while being merciful, there will automatically be the feeling of being an instrument. No matter how bad someone is, if you have mercy for that soul, you would never have any feelings of dislike, jealousy or anger for that soul. The feeling of mercy easily brings about the feeling of being an instrument. It should not be mercy based on selfishness, but true mercy. There is mercy based on your own motives too. Internally, you may have attachment to a certain soul, but you think that you are having mercy for that soul. Therefore, that is selfish mercy, not true mercy. There cannot be any attachment, no body consciousness, in true mercy. The soul has mercy for another soul. There would not be any body consciousness or name or trace of any physical attraction. Some have attachment to a body and some have attachment to someone's virtues or specialities. However, who gave those specialities or virtues to that one? No matter how great those souls are, they still receive it from the Father. It is not yours. The Father has given it to you. So, why should you not take it directly from the Bestower? This is why it is said that it should not be selfish mercy. Many children show a lot of mischief. It would be their own selfish motives and yet they say that they are feeling mercy for someone, that they don't feel anything else, just mercy. However, now check: Do you have selfless mercy? Do you have mercy that is free from attachment? It is not mercy because of some temporary attainment, is it? You would then say: She is very good, he is very good and this is why there is a little... You don't have permission to have even a little of that feeling. If you wish to become karmateet, all of those are obstacles. All of those things make you body conscious. They may be good, but who made them like that? You may imbibe their goodness, but do not be influenced by their goodness. Be detached and remain loving to the Father. Those who are loved by the Father are constantly safe. Do you understand?

As you are increasing the service you do, and you do have to increase it, then, do you also wish to bring establishment closer or not? Who will bring it closer? Will the Father bring it? Will all of you bring it? You are companions, are you not? Without you children, His companions, the Father alone cannot do anything. If the Father wishes to explain something, He has to take the support of a body. Can He speak without the support of a body? Is He able to speak? Whether the car is old or good, He still has to take the support of it. He cannot do anything without some support. It was only when He took the support of Father Brahma that you then became Brahmins. You are called Brahma Kumars and not Shiv Kumars. The incorporeal Father has to take the support of the corporeal. Just as He took the support of corporeal Brahma, would He, even now, be able to sustain you without taking the support from the avyakt, angelic form of Brahma? Whether He takes the support of the corporeal form or the angelic form, He has to take the support and company of the soul. In fact, He is the Almighty Authority, and so, if a magician is able to show a perishable trick in a second, can the Almighty Authority not do what He wants? Would He be able to do it? Would He be able to bring about destruction now if He wanted to? Can He bring about this by Himself? Baba alone cannot do anything by Himself. Even though He may be the Almighty Authority, He is bound to all of you companions. Therefore, the Father has so much love for all of you. If He wanted to, He could do it, but He does not do it. Can He not wave His magic wand? However, the Father says: Who would claim a right to the kingdom? Would the Father claim this right? You will become this. Even if He were to carry out establishment and bring about destruction, who is going to rule? Would He be able to do anything without you? This is why the Father has to make all of you karmateet. You have to become this. Or, should the Father make you this by force? The Father has to make you this and all of you have to become this. This is the sweet drama. You are enjoying the drama, are you not? Or, do you sometimes become distressed and think: What has been created? Do you think that it should change? The Father also says: This drama is predestined drama; it cannot be changed. It has to repeat, but it cannot be changed. Within the drama, you have all the powers in this last birth of yours. It is in the drama, but in this last, elevated Brahmin birth, you have received many powers. The Father willed them to you and you therefore have this will power. So, what will you remember? Which word will you remember? Karankaravanhar. Are you sure? Or, will you forget it when you get on the planes? Do not forget this.

Now, once again, stabilise yourselves: have the karmateet stage of being beyond the bondage of your bodies. You may be the one having actions performed, but stay detached. You may be seeing everything, you may be speaking, but do this while being detached. Each of you is a master and a soul who has been made an instrument by the Father. Stabilise your minds and intellects in this awareness once again. (Drill.) Achcha.

To the serviceable souls everywhere who constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm for doing service, to the blissful souls who constantly keep their balance of doing service and making effort for themselves, to the special souls who constantly have selfless mercy, who have true mercy for all souls, to the intense effort-making souls who make themselves constantly free from any karmic bondages and the many royal bondages in a second, to such souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

May you experience the Father’s help and His blessings by being obedient and become an embodiment of success.

The Father’s order is: “Remember Me alone!” The one Father is your world, and so let there be nothing in your heart apart from the Father. One direction, one strength, one support… where there is the One, there is success in every task. For such a soul, it is easy to overcome any situation. The children who are obedient and follow the Father’s orders receive His blessings and so, even anything difficult becomes easy.

Beaware of your new Brahmin life and no old sanskar can emerge.