10/01/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, this is the birth in which you have died alive. You are claiming your inheritance from God, the Father. You have won a huge lottery. Therefore, remain in limitless happiness.

What should you tell yourself in order to end all your worrying and finish your anger?

I am a child of God. I have to become as sweet as the Father.Just as Baba explains in a sweet way and doesnít get angry, in the same way, I must be very sweet with others and not become like salt water, because I understand that every second that passes is part of the drama. Therefore, what is there to worry about?Ē Talk to yourself in this way and your worrying will end and your anger will disappear.

This time of spring is a time to enjoy and forget the world.

Om shanti.

This song is about the happiness of the children of God. You will not be able to sing such songs of happiness in the golden age. It is now that you receive treasures. This lottery is the greatest of all. When people win a lottery they become very happy. By winning this lottery you experience the happiness of heaven for birth after birth. This is the birth in which you have died alive. If you have not died a living death, this cannot be your birth of dying alive. Your mercury of happiness cannot rise high until you have died alive, that is, until you have made the Father belong to you. Therefore, you cannot receive your full inheritance until then. Those who belong to the Father and who remember Him are also remembered by the Father. You are the children of God. You have the intoxication that you are claiming your inheritance and blessings from God, the Father, for whom devotees stumble around on the path of devotion. They adopt many methods to try and meet the Father. They study many Vedas, scriptures and magazines etc. However, day by day, the world continues to become more sorrowful; it has to become tamopradhan. This is a tree of thorns. The Lord of Thorns comes and changes thorns into flowers. The thorns have become very large and they prick with great force. They have been given many different names. They do not exist in the golden age. The Father explains: This is a world of thorns: they continue to give sorrow to each other. Within a household, there are such unworthy children, donít even ask! They cause a lot of sorrow for their mother and father. Not everyone is the same. Human beings donít know who it is that causes the most sorrow. The Father says: The gurus have destroyed the praise of God, whereas we praise Him a great deal. He is the supremely worthy Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The picture of Shiva is very good, but there are many people who donít accept that Shiva is a point of light, because they say that souls and the Supreme Soul are one. A soul is very subtle. He sits in the centre of a forehead, and so how could the form of God be larger than that? Many scholars laugh at the Brahma Kumaris and say that the form of God cannot be like that, that He is an eternally burning light or that He is brighter than a thousand suns. In fact, that is wrong. Only the Father Himself can tell you His correct praise. He is the Seed of the human world tree. This world is like an inverted tree. No one in the golden and silver ages remembers Him. People remember God when they are unhappy. They say: O God, O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, have mercy! There is no one in the golden and silver ages who asks for mercy. They are the Fatherís, the Creatorís, new creation. The praise of that Father is limitless. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier. Because He is the Ocean of Knowledge, He must surely have given knowledge. He is the Truth, the Living Being and the Embodiment of Bliss. He is a Living Soul. The living souls that imbibe knowledge. For instance, when a soul leaves his body, he carries the sanskars of knowledge with him. When he becomes a child, he will still have those sanskars, but, because the organs of the mouth will be small, he would be unable to speak. When his organs grow, the soul is inspired to remember and the memory returns. Little children also remember the scriptures etc. That is because of the sanskars from their previous birth. The Father is now giving us our inheritance of knowledge. He has the knowledge of the whole world because He is the Seed. We cannot call ourselves the Seed. The seed of a tree definitely has the knowledge within it of the beginning, middle and end of that tree. The Father Himself says: I am the Seed of the world. The Seed of this tree is up above. That Father is the Truth, the Living Being, the Embodiment of Bliss and the Ocean of Knowledge. He also has the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of the world. What other knowledge could he have? Would it be the knowledge of the scriptures? Many have that. God would surely have something new, something that no scholar etc., would know. Ask anyone: How does the world tree emerge? How is it sustained? How long is its lifespan and how is it destroyed? How does it grow? No one would be able to explain any of these things. Of all the scriptures, the Gita is the only jewel; all the rest are its children. If people donít understand anything even after reading the Gita, how would they benefit by studying any other scripture? The inheritance is received through the Gita. The Father now explains the secrets of the whole drama. The Father changes your intellects from stone to divine and makes you into lords of divinity. Everyone has such a stone intellect that they are now lords of stone. However, they give themselves very big titles and consider themselves to have divine intellects. The Father explains: My praise is the most unique; I am the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Bliss and the Ocean of Happiness. Deities cannot be praised in this way. Devotees go in front of the deity idols and say: You are full of all divine virtues, completely pure with 16 celestial degrees. You understand that the praise is of only the one Father and only we know His praise. Your intellects now have the full knowledge of how those who are portrayed in the temples have taken their full 84 births. Therefore, how much happiness you now have! Previously, you didnít think in this way. You now understand that you have to become like them. Your intellects have been transformed a great deal. The Father explains to you children: Become very sweet with one another. Do not be like salt water. Does Baba ever get angry with anyone? He explains in a very sweet manner. Even one second that passes can be said to be part of the drama. What is there to worry about in that? Explain to yourself in this way. You children of God are not any less. You can understand that Godís children must definitely live with God. God is incorporeal, and so His children too must be incorporeal. Those same children come here and adopt costumes to play their parts. The human beings in heaven belong to the deity religion. If you were to calculate how many births each one takes, you would have to beat your head so much! However, it is understood that the number of births decreases according to the time they come. Previously, you used to believe that human beings became cats and dogs. There is the contrast of day and night in your intellects between then and now. All of these things have to be imbibed. It is explained in a nutshell that the cycle of 84 births is now over. You now have to shed your dirty bodies. All of your bodies are old, decayed and tamopradhan. Remove your attachment from them. Why should you remember your old bodies? Now remember the new bodies that you are to receive in the golden age. You will go into the golden age via the land of liberation. When we go to the land of liberation in life, everyone else goes to the land of liberation. This is known as the cries of victory. After the cries of sorrow, there will be the cries of victory. So many will die, and so something has to be the instrument for that. There will be natural calamities. It is not that the ocean alone will destroy all the lands. Everything has to be finished off. However, Bharat, the imperishable land, remains. Because it is the birthplace of Shiv Baba, this land becomes the greatest pilgrimage place of all. The Father grants salvation to all, but human beings do not know this. For them not to know is also fixed in the drama. This is why the Father says: Children, you didnít know anything either. I explain the whole secret of the Creator and His creation, that is, the beginning, the middle and the end of the human world. Rishis and munis have said that there is no end to it. They donít understand that the five vices are the greatest enemies of the whole world. People of Bharat continue to burn Ravan year after year, but they do not know him because he is neither physical nor spiritual. The vices have no form at all. It is only when a person starts to act that it is understood whether he has an evil spirit of lust or anger. There are the highest, the average and the lowest stages in the vices as well. Some have a tamopradhan intoxication of lust, some have a rajo stage of intoxication and some have a sato stage of intoxication. Some even remain celibate from birth. They think that it is too much bother to be part of a household. Such ones are known as the best people. Among sannyasis, those who have been celibate from birth are considered to be good. It is very good for the Government, because the population doesnít increase. They receive the power of purity. This is very incognito. Sannyasis remain pure. Little children also remain pure and those in their stage of retirement remain pure as well. Therefore, the power of purity continues to be received. They still have a rule that a child should remain pure up to a certain age. They also receive strength from that. You are pure in a satopradhan way. You make a promise to the Father in this last birth. You are the ones who establish the golden age. Those who remain pure are the ones who become the masters of the pure world, numberwise, according to their efforts. This is Godís family. Once every cycle you live with God and then you take many births in the deity clan. This one birth is invaluable. This clan of Godís is the highest of all. The Brahmin clan is the highest, the topknot. From the lowest clan, we have become those who belong to the highest Brahmin clan. Only when Shiv Baba creates Brahma can He create Brahmins. Those who remain in Babaís service experience a great deal of happiness. We have become Godís children and are following Godís shrimat. You glorify His name with your behaviour. Baba says: Others have devilish traits whereas you are becoming those with divine virtues. When you become complete, your behaviour will have become very good. Baba will say: You are the ones with divine virtues, numberwise, according to your efforts. Those with devilish traits are also numberwise. There are also those who are celibate from birth. It is very good that sannyasis remain pure, but they cannot grant anyone salvation. If gurus were able to grant souls salvation, they would take those souls back with them. However, they leave them when they go away. Here, the Father says: I will take you back with Me. I have come in order to take you back with Me. They cannot take you. They themselves take rebirth to householders. Then, because of their sanskars, they again go and live in a gathering of sannyasis. Their names and forms continue to change in every birth. You children now understand that you will claim a status in the golden age according to the efforts you make now. There, you will not know how you claimed your status. You understand at this time that whatever efforts you made in the previous cycle, you will do the same now. Some children have also been given visions of how marriages take place there. There will be huge parks and gardens. There are now millions of people in Bharat. There will only be a few hundred thousand there. There will not be any tall buildings with so many storeys there. They exist now because there is no space. It will not be so cold there. There is no trace of sorrow there. There will not be so much heat that people would have to go up into the mountains. The very name is heaven. At this time, people are living in forests of thorns. The more they desire happiness, the more their sorrow increases. There is now to be a great deal of sorrow. When war breaks out, rivers of blood will flow. Achcha. This murli has been spoken in front of all you children. Number one is to listen personally; number two is to listen to a tape and number three is to read the murli. Therefore, it is satopradhan, sato and rajo. There cannot be a tamo stage for this. It is absolutely accurate on the tape. Achcha.

To the long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from BapDada and our sweet Maa. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Glorify the Fatherís name with your behaviour and divine virtues. Remove devilish defects.

2. Donít have attachment to your old, decayed body. Remember your new body of the golden age and give incognito help by remaining pure.


May you be a master almighty authority and give souls sitting far away the experience of closeness with your power of spirituality.

With the facilities of science, you are able to experience things far away to be close to you. In the same way, with your divine intellect, you are able to experience something far away to be close to you. Just as you are able to see, speak to and give and take co-operation from those who are with you, in the same way, with your power of spirituality, you can give souls sitting far away the experience of closeness. For this, you simply need to be stable in the stage of a master almighty authority and have a full and perfect stage and to make your power of thought clean.


Only those who inspire others with their every thought, word and action become images that give inspiration.