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Methods to bring about entertainment in remembrance.

Today, BapDada, the Lawmaker, the Bestower of Blessings, is seeing His children who are master law makers and bestowers of blessings. Each child has become a lawmaker and also a bestower of blessings. As well as seeing that, BapDada also saw how great the status of the children is. The Brahmin life of this confluence age is so important. Together with the Lawmaker and the Bestower of Blessings, you Brahmins are also lawmakers, the ones who demonstrate the correct systems. You have already heard how every system of yours now changes into the systems of the golden age. Therefore, the present systems for every action continue into the future. Even in the copper age, on the path of devotion, the methods of the elevated actions performed at this time become the systems of the path of devotion. So the laws of this time continue as the elevated laws of your lives in the worthy of worship form, and they also continue on the path of worshipping, that is, on the path of devotion. On the path of devotion too, every law of yours continues as a custom and system. You are lawmakers, bestowers of blessings and those who also give the correct methods.

Your main principles become the method to achieve success. For instance, your main principle is that there is the one Father - that there are many righteous souls, there are many great souls, but there is only the one Supreme Soul. Through this main principle of yours, you elevated souls attain the inheritance from the Father as your success for half a cycle. To attain the reward means to be an embodiment of success. You understand that there is one Father and that the great souls and the righteous souls are not fathers but that they are your brothers. The inheritance is received from the Father, not from a brother. From this main principle, you achieve success for half a cycle, and then, on the path of devotion too, the principle that “God is One” becomes the basis of achieving success. The first form of devotion is with the Shiva lingam image of the Father which is called unadulterated devotion. So, on the path of devotion too, it is through this one principle of, “The Father is One”, that success is achieved. In this way, through each one of your principles, you continue to achieve success. For instance, the main principle of this life is purity. It is through the principle of purity that you souls have obtained for all time the future crown of light as a form of success. The memorial of this has been shown as the double crown. In devotion, whenever they perform accurate devotion from their hearts, they consider purity to be their main principle. They understand that without purity they cannot achieve success in devotion. Even if only for a temporary period, they adopt purity for the time that they are engaged in performing devotion. However, they definitely adopt the principle of “Purity is the method for success”. In the same way, use your intellects to think about every principle of knowledge and every main principle of dharna and how every principle becomes a method for success. You are being given this homework of churning. Think in this way using the examples you have been given.

You become lawmakers and also the bestowers of success. This is why, even today, whatever success devotees desire, they go and worship those particular deities through whom they believe they are going to attain that particular success. Do you consider that, together with the Father, the Bestower of Success, you children also become bestowers of success? Only those who have achieved all success themselves can become instruments for others to achieve success. Success (siddhi) is not a bad thing, because your success has nothing to do with occult power (riddhi-siddhi). Occult power is impressive for only a temporary period. However, your success is based on an accurate method, because the success that is attained with a Godly method is Godly success. Just as God is eternal, so the Godly methods and their success are also eternal. Those who show their occult power have limited knowledge and so their success is temporary. However, your success is the success attained by using the method of right principles. This is why you yourselves become embodiments of success for half a cycle. For the other half cycle, through your principles, devotee souls continue to attain the fruit according to their capacity and they also attain success, because, according to the time, the power of devotion also continues to decrease. The devotee souls (of the copper age) experience greater success through the power of their satopradhan devotion than the devotees of today do. Because the devotion of the present time is tamopradhan, there are neither any accurate principles nor any success.

So, do you have that much intoxication of who you are? Do you always remain seated on the seat of your elevated self-respect? This seat is so elevated. When you remain set on the seat of this stage, you will not repeatedly get upset. This is your position, is it not? How great your position is: the law makers, the bestowers of success! When you remain stable in this position, Maya will not be able to cause opposition. You will constantly remain safe. The reason for your becoming upset is that you move into a state of an ordinary consciousness from your seat of an elevated consciousness. Staying in remembrance and doing service becomes an ordinary routine in your timetable. However, when you sit in remembrance, sit on the seat of one or another form of your elevated self-respect. Not that you just get out of bed and go and sit where yoga is taking place, whether in the meditation room or in Baba’s room, or that you sit in yoga the whole day. But, just as you give your body a proper place to sit, so first of all give your intellect the place of a good stage. First of all check whether you have given your intellect a proper place. With the right seat, you automatically have that Godly intoxication. Nowadays, people speak of the “intoxication of their chair (position)”. Your seat is that of an elevated stage. Sometimes, set yourself on the seat of the stage of a master seed; sometimes, sit on the seat of an avyakt angel; sometimes, sit on the seat of a world benefactor. Sit yourself in this way on the seat of the different stages every day.

If someone is not seated on his seat properly, he is not stable. Sometimes, he will move in one direction and sometimes in another direction. Similarly, your intellect is disturbed when you are not set on your seat. You all know that you are this and that. If you were to be asked now, "Who are you?", a very good long list would emerge. However, at every moment, consider yourself to be what you know yourself to be. Do not just know yourself, but also accept yourself as that, because by knowing yourself you stay in subtle happiness: “Yes, I am this.” However, by accepting yourself to be that, you receive power and, by moving along considering yourself to be that, you also have intoxication. Just as when someone with a position is set on his seat, he has happiness, but not that power. So you too know, but you must also move along considering yourself to be that and repeatedly ask yourself and check: Am I set on my seat or have I come down into an ordinary stage? Those who bring about success in others will definitely be embodiments of success themselves in every thought and every action; they will be bestowers. Bestowers of success would never think that they are not able to see much success from the efforts or the hard work they are doing, that they are not experiencing much success in their practice of remembrance. That would indicate that their method of sitting on their seat is not accurate.

Knowledge is entertaining and entertaining experiences will automatically chase away laziness. Some say: Normally, sleep wouldn't come, but when I sit in yoga, I feel sleepy. Why does this happen? It is not that you are tired, but that you don’t set your intellect on its seat in an entertaining and natural way. So, don’t just set it in one way, but set it in various ways. If the same thing is used in a variety of ways, when it is transformed, your heart becomes happy. No matter how delicious something may be, if you keep eating that same thing again and again, or if you keep looking at the same thing again and again, what would happen? Similarly, be the seed form: sometimes experience the form of a lighthouse, sometimes a might-house, sometimes be the seed on top of the tree, sometimes stand on top of the world cycle and give power to everyone. Experience the different titles that you have received in different ways each day. Sometimes, experience the form: I, the jewel of Baba's eyes, am merged in the Father’s eyes. Sometimes, be the jewel on the forehead. Sometimes, be seated on the heart throne. Experience the different forms. Let there be variety and you will be entertained. BapDada gives you a variety of titles every day in the murli. Why does He do this? So that you can set yourselves on those seats. Just simply check this from time to time. You have heard before how you forget this and how, after six or eight hours have gone by, you then think about it. That is why you become unhappy that half the day has already gone. Let this become a natural practice for only then will you become bestowers of the law, bestowers of success and be able to benefit all the souls of the world. Do you understand? Achcha.

Today is the day for the Madhuban residents. It is good that the double foreigners have given you a chance out of their time because they are happy to see the Madhuban residents. The Madhuban residents say: Don't praise us; we have heard a great deal of praise. Hearing your praise, you are becoming great, because that praise then becomes a shield. Just as on a battlefield, a shield is a means of safety, so this praise reminds you of how great you are. Madhuban isn't just Madhuban but Madhuban is a world stage. To live in Madhuban means to live on a world stage. Those who are on a stage pay so much attention. In an ordinary way, wherever people may be staying, they wouldn’t pay such attention. However, when someone goes onto a stage, at all times, in every action, there would be that much attention paid. Madhuban is a world stage. The vision of souls everywhere is on Madhuban. In any case, everyone's attention is always focused on the stage. So the residents of Madhuban are the ones who are constantly stable on a world stage.

As well as that, Madhuban is also a unique dome. The slightest sound made in this dome echoes. Madhuban is such a unique dome that the slightest sound in Madhuban reaches the whole world. Nowadays, they have such memorial places (in name only) where, if you touch one wall or make a sound against one wall, there will be a ripple effect on ten walls, and it will sound like someone tapping on that same wall. So, Madhuban is such a unique dome that its sound not only reaches Madhuban, but it spreads in all directions. It spreads in such a way that those living in Madhuban would not even be aware of it. This is its uniqueness and this is why it spreads everywhere outside. Therefore, never think that whatever has happened here is just here, or that whatever is seen here is seen only here or is spoken only here. However, the sound reaches the world at the speed of the wind, because everyone’s vision and intellect is always focused on Madhuban and BapDada of Madhuban. The Father of Madhuban is in your vision; therefore, Madhuban would also be in your vision, would it not? If Baba of Madhuban is here, Madhuban must also be here. There isn’t just Baba in Madhuban, there are also the children. So, the residents of Madhuban are automatically in everyone's vision. Ask any Brahmin, no matter how far away they live, what it is they remember. They remember “Madhuban” and “Baba of Madhuban”. The residents of Madhuban have so much importance! Do you understand? Achcha.

To all those everywhere who maintain zeal and enthusiasm for doing service, to those who constantly remain merged in love for the one Father, to those who constantly experience success by using the elevated methods in every action, to those who constantly experience themselves to be world benefactors and who remain busy in doing service with their elevated good wishes and pure feelings in every thought and word, to the constantly tireless server children who are like the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Personal meetings:

Do you experience yourselves to be elevated karma yogi souls? A karma yogi soul constantly experiences the instant fruit of action in a natural way. The instant fruit is happiness and power. So, a karma yogi soul means one who experiences the instant fruit of happiness and power. The Father constantly enables you children to attain the instant fruit. One minute you perform the action and while performing the action, you experience happiness and power. So, constantly continue to move forward with the awareness: I am such a karma yogi soul.

By doing unlimited service, you automatically experience unlimited happiness, do you not? The unlimited Father gives you all rights to the unlimited. As the fruit of the unlimited service you do, you automatically receive the unlimited fortune of the kingdom. When you serve while stable in an unlimited stage, the good wishes that you receive from those for whom you become instruments automatically give you the experience of power and happiness. While sitting anywhere, you receive the fruit of unlimited service. With this unlimited intoxication, accumulate in your unlimited account and continue to move forward.

May you be full of all powers and gain victory over the suffering of karma by becoming detached from the costume of your body in a second.

When there is the force of the suffering of karma, your physical organs pull you towards the suffering of karma. At the time, when there is a lot of pain because of the effect of that suffering, those who transform the suffering of karma (karma bhog) into karma yoga, who go through the suffering with their physical organs as detached observers, are called those of the eight victorious jewels who are full of all powers. For this, practise over a long period of time of being detached from the costume of the body. Let your costume not be tight due to the attraction of the world or of Maya, that is, let it not be pulled. Only then will it be removed easily.

In order to receive everyone’s respect have a humble heart, humility is a sign of greatness.

                                                            *** Om Shanti ***