14/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, there will definitely be obstacles in the service of changing human beings into deities. You have to tolerate all difficulties and still remain engaged in doing this service. You have to become merciful.

What are the signs of those who are aware of their final birth?

Their intellects are aware that they are neither going to take another birth in this world nor will they give birth to others. This is a world of sinful souls and we don't want it to increase any more; it has to be destroyed. We will shed these old clothes and return to our home. The play is now coming to an end.

The buds of the new age…

Om shanti.

The Father sits here and explains to you children: You children have to ignite each one's light. This is in your intellects. The Father too has the unlimited thought to show all human beings the path to liberation. The Father comes to serve you children and to liberate you from sorrow. People don't understand that this is a place of sorrow and that there must also be a place of happiness. They don't know this. In the scriptures, they have made the place of happiness into a place of sorrow. The Father is merciful. People don't even know that they are unhappy because they don't know about happiness and the One who gives that happiness. This too is destined in the drama. They don't know what is called happiness and what is called sorrow. They say of God that He is the One who gives happiness and sorrow, which means that they defame Him. They don't know God, the One they call the Father. The Father says: I only give happiness to you children. You know that Baba has now come to purify the impure. He says: I will take everyone back to the sweet home. That sweet home too is pure; no impure souls reside there. No one knows that place. They say: So-and-so went beyond to the land of Nirvana, but they don't understand. If Buddha went to the land of Nirvana, he must surely have been a resident of that place, and so he went back there. Achcha, he went there, but how could others go there? He didn't take anyone with him. In fact, he didn't go there, for this is why everyone remembers the Purifier Father. There are two pure worlds: one is the land of liberation and the other is the land of liberation-in-life. There is the land of Shiva and the land of Vishnu and this is the land of Ravan. The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is also called Rama. When "The kingdom of Rama" is said, your intellects go to God. Not everyone would accept a human being as God. So, you have to have mercy for them. You have to tolerate difficulties. Baba says: Sweet children, there will be many obstacles in the sacrificial fire of this knowledge for changing human beings into deities. The God of the Gita also had to take insults. This one and you too are insulted. They say: Perhaps this one saw the moon on the fourth night. All of those are tall stories. There is so much dirt in the world. Look at what people eat; they even kill animals. Look at the things they do. The Father comes and liberates you from all of those things. There is so much violence in the world. The Father makes everything so easy for you. The Father says: Simply remember Me and your sins will be absolved. Explain just the one thing to everyone. The Father says: Remember your land of peace and your land of happiness. You are originally residents of that place. Sannyasis also show you the path to that place. If someone went to the land of Nirvana, how could he take others with him? Who would take them there? For instance, Buddha went to the land of Nirvana, but his followers, the Buddhists, are sitting here. He should also take them back with him. It is remembered that the spirits (souls) of all the messengers are also here, that is, each of them is in one body or another and yet people continue to sing their praise. Achcha, they went having established a religion. What happened then? People beat their heads so much to go into liberation. Baba didn't teach you to do chanting, tapasya or to go on pilgrimages etc. The Father says: I come to grant everyone liberation and salvation. I take everyone back with Me. There is liberation-in-life in the golden age. There is just the one religion there. He takes all the souls back home. You know that Baba is the Master of the Garden and we all are gardeners. As gardeners, Mama, Baba and all the children continue to sow seeds. The saplings emerge and then storms of Maya affect them. There are many types of storm that affect them. They are obstacles of Maya. When there are storms, you should ask: Baba, what should I do about this? The Father is the One who gives you shrimat. There will be storms. Number one is body consciousness. They don't understand: I, a soul, am imperishable and my body is perishable. We have now completed our 84 births. It is souls that take rebirth. It is the work of each soul to shed a body and take another one again and again. The Father says: This is now your final birth. Neither are you going to take another birth in this world, nor do you have to give birth to anyone. Some ask: In that case, how will the world continue? Oh, but we don't want the world to increase any more at this time. That is just increasing degradation. This system has continued since Ravan came. It is Ravan who makes the world degraded. Rama makes it elevated. For that too, you have to make so much effort. You repeatedly become body conscious. If you didn't become body conscious, you would consider yourselves to be souls. In the golden age too, they consider themselves to be souls. They know when their bodies have become old and that they will then have to renounce them and take new ones. Here, they don't even have any knowledge of souls. They simply consider themselves to be bodies. Those who are unhappy want to leave this world. There, there is just happiness, but they do have the knowledge of souls there. Each one sheds a body and takes another and this is why they don't experience sorrow. That is the reward of happiness. Here, too, they speak of the soul, and some even say that each soul is the Supreme Soul. They do have knowledge of the existence of souls, but they don't know that they cannot leave their parts and go back. Each of you definitely has to shed a body and then take another. Everyone believes in rebirth. Everyone repents for his actions. In the kingdom of Maya, actions are always sinful and so they continue to repent for their actions. There, you won't perform any such action that you would then have to repent for it. You understand that you now have to return home and that destruction has to take place. They are still trying out the bombs. Out of anger, they would attack with bombs. They are powerful bombs. The Yadavas of Europe are remembered. We would call those of all religions the residents of Europe. On the one side is Bharat and they have then mixed all the others together. They have a lot of love for their own countries. However, destiny is such and so what can they do? Baba is giving all of you full power. You claim the kingdom with the power of yoga. Baba doesn't give you any difficulties. The Father simply says: Remember Me and renounce body consciousness. Some say: I remember Rama or I remember Shri Krishna. They do not consider themselves to be souls at that time. If they understand themselves to be souls, why do they not remember the Father of souls? The Father says: Remember Me, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Why do you remember human beings? You have to become soul conscious. I am a soul and I am remembering the Father. Baba has ordered you: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved and the inheritance will also enter your intellects: the Father and the property, that is, liberation and liberation-in-life. People continue to stumble around for this. They continue to hold sacrificial fires, do tapasya and chanting etc. They even go to seek blessings from the Pope. Here, the Father just tells you to renounce body consciousness and have the faith that you are souls. This play has ended, our 84 births have ended and we now have to return home. Baba has explained it so easily! While living at home with your families, keep this in your intellects. When a play is about to end, they understand that there are only 15 minutes to go and that the scene will then end. Actors understand that they will shed their costumes and return home. Everyone now has to return home. Talk to yourself about these things. You know for how long you have played your parts of happiness and sorrow. The Father now says: Remember Me. Forget all the things that are happening in the world. All of them are going to be destroyed. You now have to return home. Those people believe that the iron age will still continue for another forty thousand years. That is called extreme darkness. They don't have the Father's introduction. Knowledge means to have the Father's introduction and ignorance means no introduction. So, that means that they are in extreme darkness. You are now in extreme light, numberwise, according to the efforts you make. The night is about to end and we are to return home. Now, it is the night of Brahma, and tomorrow, it will be the day of Brahma. It takes time for it to change. You know that we are now in the land of death and that tomorrow we will be in the land of immortality. First of all, we will have to return home. The cycle of 84 births continues to turn in this way; it never stops turning. Baba says: How many times would you have met Me? You children say that you would have met Me many times. Your cycle of 84 births will come to an end, and so the cycle will also end for everyone else. This is called knowledge. It is only the Ocean of Knowledge, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Purifier, who gives you this knowledge. You can ask: Who is called the Purifier? The incorporeal One is called God, so why do you say: The Lord of Raghu is King Rama? The Father of all souls is that incorporeal One. Great tact is needed to explain these things. Day by day, you will continue to progress because you continue to receive this deep knowledge. It is just the matter of Alpha that you have to explain. If you forget Alpha, you become orphans and you continue to be unhappy. By coming to know the One from the One, you become happy for 21 births. This is knowledge whereas that is ignorance when they say that God is omnipresent. Oh! But, He is the Father. The Father says: The evil spirits in you are omnipresent. Ravan, in the form of five vices, is omnipresent. You have to explain these things. You should have great intoxication that you are in God's lap. Then, in the future, you will go into the lap of the deities. There is constant happiness there. Shiv Baba has adopted us. We have to remember Him. You have to bring benefit to yourselves and to others and you will then receive the kingdom. These are very good matters to understand. Shiv Baba is incorporeal and we souls are also incorporeal. We used to reside there, bodiless, naked. Baba is always bodiless. Baba never wears the costume of a body or takes rebirth. Baba reincarnates just once. First of all, He creates Brahma. Therefore, He makes this one belong to Him and gives him a different name. If it weren't for Brahma, where would Brahmins come from? So, this is the same one who has taken the full 84 births. He is the beautiful one who then becomes ugly: he becomes shyam (ugly) from sundar (beautiful) and then he becomes sundar from shyam. We can also call Bharat, ‘Shyam-sundar’. Bharat itself is called Shyam and Bharat is called golden aged, sundar (beautiful). It is Bharat that sits on the pyre of lust and becomes ugly. It is Bharat itself that sits on the pyre of this knowledge and becomes beautiful. Baba has to beat His head with Bharat. Some people of Bharat have been converted to other religions. There is no visible difference between Europeans and Indians. When they (Indians) go abroad and get married there, they are called Christians. Their children would have those same features. Some even go to Africa and get married. Baba now gives you broad and unlimited intellects to understand the cycle. It is written that there were those who had divorced intellects at the time of destruction. The Yadavas and Kauravas had no love. Those who had love were victorious. An enemy is said to be one with a divorced intellect. The Father says: At this time, all are enemies of one another. They call the Father omnipresent and insult Him in this way, or they say that He is beyond birth and death and that He doesn't have any name or form. They still say: O God, the Father! They even have visions of a soul or the Supreme Soul. There is no difference between souls and the Supreme Soul, but there is numberwise strength, less and more. Although human beings are human beings, there are also levels of their status. There is a difference between their intellects. The Ocean of Knowledge gave you this knowledge and this is why you remember Him. That stage of yours will be created at the end. You must remember the Father at amrit vela and experience happiness. You may lie down, but you mustn't fall asleep. You should sit with your own determination; this requires effort. Herbalists give medicine for amrit vela. This too is a medicine. The Father, the Creator, creates Brahmins through Brahma and teaches this knowledge. Explain this to everyone. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. Maintain the spiritual intoxication that you have come into God's lap and that you will then go into the lap of the deities. Bring benefit to yourself and to others.

2. Wake up at amrit vela and churn the knowledge of the Ocean of Knowledge. Stay in unadulterated remembrance of the One. Renounce body consciousness and have the faith that you are a soul.


May you perform every action systematically with remembrance from amrit vela until night time and thereby become an embodiment of success..

Whatever actions you perform from amrit vela until night time, do those systematically with remembrance and every action will be successful. The greatest success of all is to experience supersensuous joy in the form of instant fruit. You will constantly continue to move along in waves of happiness and joy. So, you receive this fruit instantly and you also receive fruit in the future. The fruit you receive instantly in this birth is even more elevated than the fruit you receive in your many future births. You do something now and instantly receive the fruit of it at the same time: this is called instant fruit.


Perform every action considering yourselves to be instruments and you will remain detached and loving and not have any consciousness of “I”.