17/06/22 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, repent sincerely for your sins by staying in remembrance and you will become conquerors of sinful actions and your past karmic accounts will be settled.

Which children are easily able to renounce everything?

The children who have internal disinterest in everything are easily able to renounce everything. You children should no longer have any desire for wanting to wear, eat or do something etc. You have to renounce the whole world including your own bodies. The Father has come to give you heaven on the palms of your hands and so your intellects’ yoga should be removed from this old world.

Mother, o mother, you are the fortune of the world!

Om shanti.

You children heard the praise of your mother. There are many children. It is understood that if there is a father, there surely has to be a mother as well. For there to be creation there is surely a mother. In Bharat, very good praise is sung of the mother. There is a big mela (fair) for Jagadamba (the world mother) that takes place. They worship the mother in one way or another. They must be worshipping the father as well. That one is the world mother (Jagdamba) and this one is the world father (Jagadpita). Jagadamba is in a corporeal form and Jagadpita is also in a corporeal form. You would call both of them creators, but they are corporeal. Only the incorporeal One is called God the Father. The secret of the mother and father is explained. There is the junior mother as well as the senior mother. There is praise of the junior mother, even though she is adopted. This mother was also adopted, and so this one (Brahma Baba) became the senior mother. However, all the praise is of the junior mother. You children know that each one of us has to settle our own karmic accounts through suffering for our actions, because, although we were conquerors of sin, Ravan made us into those who perform sinful actions. There is the age of those who perform sinful actions as well as the age of those who become conquerors of sinful actions. The first half of a cycle is the age of the conquerors of sinful actions, and then the age of sinful actions begins and it lasts for half a cycle. You children are now gaining victory over sinful actions and becoming conquerors of sinful actions. You repent sincerely and have your sins absolved with the power of yoga. Only by having remembrance can you have sincere repentance. The Father explains: Children, stay in remembrance and your sins will be absolved with your sincere repentance, that is, the rust will be removed. There is a burden of sins of many births on your heads. It has been explained that the soul that becomes the number one, pure charitable soul then becomes the number one sinful soul. This soul has to make a lot of effort. He definitely has to make a great deal of effort, because he becomes your teacher in order to teach you. If someone has an illness, etc., it is said that it is because of that one's own actions. You have been performing sinful actions for many births and that is why you have to suffer for them. Therefore, you should never be afraid. You have to pass happily through the illness, because it is the karmic accounts of your own actions. Only by having remembrance of the one Father can there be sincere repentance. You children have to drink the nectar of knowledge until you die. You have to stay in remembrance. You get coughs, etc. because there are still accounts of sinful actions. You have the happiness that all your accounts finish here. If they still remain, you will not be able to pass with honours. It is dishonour if you receive a status after experiencing punishment. There is the suffering of many types of sorrow. Here, there is no limit to the many types of sorrow, whereas there is no limit to the happiness there; the very name is Heaven. Christians speak of heaven and heavenly God the Father. You know about all of these things. The sannyasis of the path of isolation simply say that all of this happiness is like the droppings of a crow. It really is like that in this world. No matter how much happiness someone may have, it is temporary happiness. Permanent happiness just doesn't exist. Even while people sit somewhere, many calamities come or there is heart failure. A soul leaves a body and takes another and the body then automatically turns to dust. At least the bodies of animals are of some use; the bodies of human beings are of no use at all. A tamopradhan, impure body is of no use at all; it is like a shell. The bodies of the deities are like diamonds, and so just see how much they are worshipped! You children have now received this understanding. That one is the unlimited Father who is the most beloved and whom you have been remembering for half the cycle. Only those who become Brahmins have a right to claim the inheritance from the Father. True Brahmins should be very pure. A scholar of the true Gita has to remain pure; a scholar of the false Gita does not remain pure. It is written in the Gita that lust is the greatest enemy, but those who relate the Gita do not remain pure themselves. The Gita is the jewel of all the scriptures and the Father made shells into diamonds with it. Only you can understand this; those who study the Gita cannot understand this. They just learn it like parrots. All the praise is of the One; there is no praise of anyone else, not even of Brahma, Vishnu or Shankar. No matter how much you bow down in front of them or how much you sacrifice yourselves to them, you would not receive the inheritance. People used to sacrifice themselves at Kashi. The Government has now put a stop to that, as many used to commit suicide at Kashi in the name of sacrifice: they would go and dive into the well there. Some would sacrifice themselves to a goddess; some would sacrifice themselves to Shiva. There is no benefit in sacrificing oneself to the deities. People sacrifice themselves to the goddess Kali. They have made Kali so ugly. Those who were golden aged have now all become iron aged. Amba (mother) can only be said to be one; you cannot call a father ‘Amba’. No one knows this. Jagadamba Saraswati is the daughter of Brahma. Brahma would definitely be the Father of People; he wouldn't be in the subtle region. They also understand that Saraswati is the daughter of Brahma. They do not show anyone as the wife of Brahma. The Father explains: I have adopted daughter Saraswati through Brahma. Even the daughter understands that the Father has adopted her. Even Brahma has been adopted. This is a very deep point, which is not in anyone's intellect. The Father sits here and explains to you the deep secrets of Himself, and so He would definitely give them to you personally. He would not give them through inspiration. Gods says: “O children”, and so He would surely come into a corporeal form to say this. The incorporeal Father sits here and teaches through this one. It is not Brahma who teaches. Brahma is not called the Ocean of Knowledge. Only the one Father is called this. You souls understand that it is not a worldly father who is teaching us, but it is the Father from beyond who is teaching us and from whom we claim the inheritance. Paradise is not called Parlok (the world beyond). That is the land of immortality, whereas this is the land of death where we souls live. This is not Parlok. We souls come into this lok (world). Parlok is the world of souls. You used to rule in Bharat and not in Parlok. You would not say: the king of Parlok. People say: Let there be comfort in the corporeal world and the incorporeal world. This is the physical world and then Parlok becomes the world of comfort. That Bharat was paradise and it will once again become the same. This is the land of death. Human beings live in a world. They say that they want to go to Paradise. In the Dilwala Temple they are shown sitting in tapasya on the ground, and images of heaven have been made above them. They think that such and such a person has gone to heaven. However, heaven is here, not up there. The world that is impure today will become the pure world of tomorrow. There was a pure world, but it passed away, and so they say Parlok because it is now far away. Bharat was heaven and it is now hell, and so heaven has gone further away. According to the drama, you start to follow the path of sin, and so heaven goes further away and they therefore call it Parlok. Now you say: We will come back here into the new world and once again rule the kingdom that we receive as our fortune. Each one makes effort for himself. Anyone who does something receives the reward of it. Not everyone will do it. Those who study well will become the “navabs” (lords) of Paradise, that is its masters. You change this world into a world of gold. They say that Dwarka, the golden city, was made of gold and that it then disappeared beneath the ocean. It is not still sitting there that someone could take it out. Bharat was heaven, where the deities used to rule. There is nothing at present, so everything of gold will have to be made. It isn't that the palaces of gold will come out again by being made to emerge. You will have to make everything. You should have the intoxication that you are becoming princes and princesses. This is a college for becoming princes and princesses and that is a college for the princes and princesses to study. You are studying to claim a kingdom. That one became a prince from taking birth to a king by making donations and performing charity in a past birth. How good that college must be! There would be very good couches there. The teacher too would have a very good couch. Therefore, how good the college for the princes and princesses of the golden and silver ages must be! They would go to college, for they would study the language, would they not? Just see the colleges of the golden-aged princes and princesses and the colleges of the copper-aged princes and princesses who indulge in vice, and then see how ordinary the college is in which all of you are becoming princes and princesses! You do not even have three square feet of land. You know how the princes and princesses there will go to college. They will not have to walk there; they will just come out of the palace and fly in an aeroplane there. The colleges there will be so nice. There will be such beautiful gardens and palaces, etc. there. Everything in that place will be new, the highest, number one. Even the five elements will be satopradhan. Who will serve you? Those five elements will produce the best things for you. If a very special fruit grows somewhere, they send it to the king and queen as a gift. Here, your Father, Shiv Baba, is the highest, and so what would you feed Him? He does not have any desire for anything - whether He should wear this or eat that or do that, etc. You children should not have those desires either. If you do all of that here, you receive less there. You now have to renounce the entire world. You have to renounce and have disinterest in everything, including your body. When you have disinterest, everything is then automatically renounced. Baba says: I have come to give you children heaven on the palms of your hands. You know that Baba belongs to you, and so you definitely have to remember Him. It is just as when a kumari gets engaged or her marriage is arranged, she does not say that she does not remember her bridegroom, because that becomes a partnership for life. The Father and the children form a partnership in the same way. However, Maya makes you forget. The Father says: Remember Me and remember your inheritance. Liberation and liberation-in-life are also included in this, and so why do you forget it? Your intellects are needed for this. It is not a question of saying anything with your tongues. You have to have faith. You know that you have to remain pure and claim the inheritance for the pure world. It is a question of understanding, not of speaking. We now belong to Baba. Shiv Baba is the One who makes impure ones pure. He says: Continue to remember Me. This means ‘Manmanabhav’, but they have written that God Krishna speaks. The Purifier is only One. The Bestower of Salvation for all is one. You only have to remember the One. He says: By forgetting Me, your Father, you remember so many others. If you remember Me, you become a King Vikramajeet (king who conquered sinful actions). The difference between King Vikramajeet and King Vikram (the one who performed sinful actions) has been explained to you. You become worshippers from being worthy of worship. You have to come down. You become part of the merchant dynasty and then you become part of the shudra dynasty. To be one of the merchant dynasty means to follow the path of sin. The entire history and geography is in your intellects. There are many stories about this. There, there is no question of attachment. Children there are very happy. They are sustained very well automatically. The maids and servants are always in front of them. Therefore, just see your fortune, how you are sitting in such a college where you will be future princes or princesses. Do you not know the difference between iron-aged princes and princesses and the golden-aged princes and princesses, between the emperors and empresses and the kings and queens? Many have the name Lakshmi, Narayan, Radhe or Krishna, and so why do they worship that Radhe and Krishna or that Lakshmi and Narayan? The name is the same. Yes, they were the masters of heaven. You now know that this knowledge is not in the scriptures. You now understand that there is no strength in sacrificial fires, chanting, donating or performing charity, etc. According to the drama, the world has to become old. Human beings have to become tamopradhan - tamopradhan in everything: in anger, greed - tamopradhan in everything. "Why is this one trespassing on my land? Shoot him!” They fight so much among themselves. They take no time to kill each other. A child thinks: When will my father die so that I can claim the inheritance? Such a tamopradhan world will definitely be destroyed and the satopradhan world will then come. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to become a pure, charitable soul, make effort to stay in remembrance. You have to settle your karmic accounts, pass with honours and return home with honour. Therefore, do not be afraid of any suffering for your past actions, but settle your accounts in happiness.

2. Always stay in the intoxication that you are becoming future princes and princesses. This is the college for becoming princes and princesses.


May you be a world benefactor and become a master bestower with your unshakeable stage.

Those who have an unshakeable stage also have good wishes and pure feelings in them. Therefore, each of you should also become unshakeable. The special virtue of those with an unshakeable stage is of being merciful. They will always have the feeling of being a bestower for every soul. Their special title is a world benefactor. They will never have feelings of dislike, conflict, jealousy or criticism for any soul; they will have feelings of benevolence.


The power of silence is the only method with which to put out the fire of anger in others.