Sweet children, here, you are in exile. You children should have no interest in eating good food or wearing good clothes. Pay full attention to the study and to your character.

Q- What is the way to remain constantly full of the jewels of knowledge?

A- Donation: the more jewels you donate to others, the more you will remain full. Sensible ones are those who listen and imbibe them and then donate them to others. If there is a hole in the apron of the intellect, they flow away and you aren’t able to imbibe. Therefore, study with discipline. Remain distant from the five vices. Become rup and basant.

D- 1. Become rup and basant and keep the apron of your intellect constantly full of the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Let there be no hole in the apron of your intellect. Imbibe the jewels of knowledge and donate them to others.________2. In order to claim a scholarship, study very well. Stay in complete exile. Don’t have any type of interest. Become a fragrant flower and make others the same.

V- May you have pure and positive thoughts for others and receive everyone’s co-operation by being loved by all._________Everyone has love in their hearts for the souls who have pure and positive thoughts for others, for it is such love that makes them co-operative. Where there is love, people are always ready to surrender their time, wealth and co-operation. So, your having pure and positive thoughts for others will make others loving to you and love will enable all types of co-operation to be surrendered to you. Therefore, remain constantly filled with pure and positive thoughts for the self and for others and make everyone loving and co-operative.

S- Become bestowers at this time and every soul in your kingdom will remain full for every birth.