Sweet children, let there be a lot of love for the Father who purifies you. Wake up early in the morning and say: “Shiv Baba, good morning.”

Q- What virtues do you need to inculcate in order to have accurate remembrance? What are the signs that your remembrance is accurate?

A- For accurate remembrance, you need 1) Patience 2) Maturity 3) Understanding. Remembrance begets remembrance for those whose have remembrance. On the basis of these virtues, you become able to receive a current from the Father. By receiving this current your lifespan increases and you become healthy, your heart becomes cool and you will continue to become satopradhan.

D- 1. Fill your aprons with jewels of knowledge and then donate them. Those who donate are loved by everyone and they experience limitless happiness._________2. Remember the Father who gives you life with a lot of love and donate peace to everyone. Spin the discus of self-realisation and become an ocean of knowledge.

V- May you be one who performs pure and elevated acts and thereby reveals the highest-on-high Father._________Just as you always perform pure and elevated acts with your right hand, in the same way, become the children who are right hands, the ones who always perform pure and elevated acts. Let every act of yours be one that reveals the highest-on-high Father because it is your practical activity that reveals the proof of your thoughts and words. Everyone can see your activity and they can have an experience through your activity. So, with your spiritual drishti and the happiness on your spiritual face, reveal the Father, this too is karma.

S- The meaning of spirituality is to have a sparkle of purity in your eyes and a smile of purity on your lips.