Sweet children, you have to go to the pure world. Therefore, conquer lust, the great enemy. Become conquerors of lust and thereby conquerors of the world.


What vision can you give everyone through your activity?


Each one of you can give a vision as to whether you are a swan or a stork through your activity.Swans never cause anyone sorrow. Storks cause sorrow because they are vicious. You children are now becoming swans from storks. The duty of you children who are becoming those with divine intellects is to make everyone else into one with a divine intellect.


May you be introverted and experience the divine activities of the subtle powers with your concentrated form.

The basis of concentration is introverted. Those who are introverted experience the power of divine activities within themselves. To invoke souls, to have heart-to-heart conversations with souls, to transform the sanskars and nature of souls, to have a connection with the Father; in order to do such spiritual service in the world of souls, increase your power of concentration. By doing this, all types of obstacles will automatically finish.


To imbibe all attainments in the self and be revealed on the world stage is the basis of revelation.