01.01.23       Morning Murli        Om Shanti   26.03.93   BapDada       Madhuban

In the Avyakt Year make your aim and qualifications the same.

May you be ignorant of any knowledge of desire and remain constantly content with this life of dying alive.

You children have died alive in order to be constantly content. Where there is contentment, there are all the virtues and all the powers, because you have made the Creator belong to you. Having found the Father, you have found everything. Even if you put all your desires together, you have received multimillion-fold more than those. Compared to this, desires are like a lamp in front of the sun. Let alone the question of any desires arising, you cannot even have a question about anything like a desire. You are full of all attainments and this is why you are ignorant of any knowledge of desire and a constant jewel of contentment.

Those whose sanskars are easy are able to mould themselves to any situation.