Sweet children, your strings of attachment should now be broken because this whole world is to be destroyed. You should have no interest in anything of this old world.

Q- What is a title of those who have spiritual intoxication? Which children experience that intoxication?

A- The children who experience spiritual intoxication are called ‘Mast Kalandar’ (the intoxicated kings). They are the ones who become Kalangidhar (one with a peacock feather, after being defamed). They always have the intoxication of becoming kings. It remains in their intellects that they are now becoming wealthy from poor. Those who are to be threaded in the rosary of Rudra experience that intoxication. The children who have the faith that they are now to return home and then go to the new world experience that intoxication.

D- 1. Always have the intoxication that you have now become a master ocean of knowledge. Fill yourself with the strength of knowledge and become a magnet. Become a spiritual messenger._________2. Never perform any such actions that the name of the Father, the Satguru, would be defamed. No matter what happens, you must not cry.

V- May you be an image of virtues, who is full of all virtues and have virtues as well as knowledge emerging from you._________Each one has a lot of knowledge, but there is now a need for virtues to emerge. Therefore, become a bestower of virtues by performing special actions. Have the thought: I constantly have to be an image of virtues and be engaged in the task of making others into images of virtues. By doing this, you won’t have time to see, hear or do anything wasteful. By using this method, your own weaknesses and the weaknesses of others will easily finish. For this, let each one of you consider yourself to be number one and become an example of becoming and making others full of all virtues.

S- Donate yoga with your mind, knowledge with your words and virtues with your deeds.