Sweet children, you definitely have to discard those costumes, your bodies, here. Therefore, finish your attachment to them. Do not remember your friends and relatives.

Q- What things indicate the children who have the power of yoga?

A- They aren’t even slightly disturbed by any situation. They have no attachment to anyone. For example, if someone leaves his body today, they won’t have any sorrow, because they know that that soul only had that much of a part in the drama, that souls discard their bodies and take others.

D- 1. Let your activity and behaviour be very royal. Speak with good manners. Imbibe the virtue of humility.__________2. Everything you see with those eyes is to turn into a graveyard. Therefore, do not see whilst seeing. Remember Shiv Baba alone and no bodily being.

V- May you become a special soul by unconscious ones conscious with the speciality of the life-giving herb.__________Give every soul the life-giving herb of elevated awareness and of specialities and they will become conscious from unconscious. Keep a mirror of the form of specialities in front of them. By reminding others, you yourself will become a special soul. If you tell others about their weakness, they will try to hide it or brush it off, but if you tell them their speciality they will automatically experience their own weakness. Use this life-giving herb to make unconscious ones conscious, fly and make others fly.

S- To renounce name, respect, honour and facilities even in your thoughts is great renunciation.