Sweet children, Baba, the Lord of the Poor, has come to make you into diamonds from shells. Therefore, constantly follow His shrimat.


Which secret do you first of all have to explain to everyone?


The secret of Bap and Dada. You know that you have come here to BapDada; the two are together. The Shiva soul is in this one and there is also the Brahma soul. One is a soul and the other is the Supreme Soul. First of all, explain the deep secret to everyone that this is Bap and Dada together. This Dada is not God. A human being cannot be God. Only the incorporeal One can be called God. He is the Father. He is the Resident of the land of peace.


May you be an embodiment of renunciation whose intellect has faith and make BapDada surrender Himself to you.

"Having found the Father, I have found everything”. When those who have this intoxication renounce everything when such children whose intellects have faith experience joy, peace, power and happiness from the Father, they do not worry about the opinion of the people, but always continue to move forward at every step. They experience everything of the world to be tasteless and without any essence (strength). BapDada surrenders Himself with all His wealth to such children who are embodiments of renunciation whose intellects have faith. Just as children have the thought, "Baba, I am Yours”, so Baba also says, "Whatever belongs to the Father is yours.”


An easy yogi is one who spreads vibrations of the Father’s love through his every thought and action.