Sweet children, you are the Godly Salvation Army. You have to give everyone salvation and enable souls to connect their love to the one Father.


What do people use their intellects for and what should you use your intellects for?


People use their intellects to reach the end of the sky and the world, but there is no benefit in that; they cannot find the end of them. You children are using your intellects to become worthy of worship. The world will not worship them. You children are becoming worthy-of-worship deities.


May you be a fortunate soul and experience the true "suhaag” (fortune of having a husband) by having the awareness of the one Father.

Those who hear but do not hear the words of others, who do not bring any awareness of other souls into their thoughts or dreams, that is, those who are not subservient to any bodily being, who have the awareness of belonging to the one Father and none other, have the tilak of the imperishable "suhaag” applied on them. Only those who have their true "suhaag” are fortunate.


In order to make your stage elevated, first be introverted and then come into extroversion.