Sweet children, remove your love from all bodily beings and remember the one bodiless Father and all your limbs will then become cool.


What are the signs of souls who belong to the deity clan?


1) Souls who belong to the deity clan easily have disinterest in the old world. 2) Their intellects are always in the unlimited. They make effort to become pure flowers in order to go to Shivalaya. 3) They don’t have any devilish activity. 4) They keep their charts and check that they do not perform any devilish actions. 5) They tell the Father the truth and do not hide anything.


May you be a great donor who fulfils everyone’s pure wishes with your powerful stage.

Souls who come at the end will be happy with just a little because it is in their parts to take just a little. So, let those souls receive the fruit of their bhavna (devotion), let no one be deprived; so, for this, now fill yourself with all powers. When you become stable in your complete and powerful stage of a great donor, then, with your co-operation and duty of making a great donation, you will be able to take them beyond with a glance as soon as you put on the switch of good wishes.


Constantly continue to follow God’s code of conduct and you will become a most elevated being who follows the highest code of conduct.