Sweet children, remain constantly busy doing Godly service and your love for the Father will increase and the mercury of your happiness will always remain high.

What is the happiness in the hearts of the children who have experienced going beyond by receiving Baba's drishti?

They experience the happiness of the kingdom of heaven in their hearts because, as soon as a soul receives a glance from the Father, he claims a right to the inheritance. The Father has everything merged in Him.

Why does the Father give different points to the children in a variety of ways every day?

To fulfil the desire of many births of the children. Children listen to the new points from the Father, and so their love for the Father increases.

You spent the night in sleeping and the day in eating.

Essence for dharna:

1. Never become confused about anything or allow your faith to fluctuate. While looking after your home etc. remain a karma yogi. In order to be threaded closely in the rosary of victory, you must definitely become pure.

2. Churn the ocean of knowledge in order to become clever. Remain constantly engaged in doing God's service. Do the service of making others the same as yourself.


May you be one who surrenders the limited consciousness of “mine” with the awareness of the word “Baba” and thereby become an unlimited renunciate.

Some children say, “This virtue of mine”, “My power”. This is a mistake. To consider a gift from God to be yours is a great sin. Some children say in an ordinary way: My virtue or my intellect is not used. However, to say “mine” is to make it dirty; it is also deception. Therefore, surrender this limited consciousness of “mine” and constantly remember the word “Baba” and you will then be considered to be a renunciate soul.


Surrender your service to the Father and you will continue to receive the fruit and power of service.