Sweet children, open big shops (centres) in the big cities. Have meetings, make plans and think about how to increase service.


Everyone knows about physical wonders, but what is the biggest wonder of all that only you children know about?


The biggest wonder of all is that the Father, the Bestower of Salvation for All, Himself, comes and teaches us. In order to tell everyone about this wonderful thing, you have to have a lot of show at your shops, because it is only when people see a lot of show that they go somewhere. Therefore, the best and biggest shop should be in the capital so that everyone can come and understand.


May you become a constant embodiment of success in the service of world benefit with the practical example of your benefitting yourself.

Nowadays, almost all illnesses are of heart failure. In the same way, in terms of spiritual progress, there is more illness of being disheartened. By seeing a practical transformation in disheartened souls, people develop courage and power; they have heard a lot and now wish to see something. They want to bring about transformation by seeing an example. So, for world benefit, first of all show them the sample of your benefitting yourself. The way to become an embodiment of success in the service of world benefit is a practical example, and the Father’s revelation will only take place through this. They will only accept everything when they see the things you speak about in a practical way in your form.


To harmonise your ideas with those of others is to give regard.