Sweet children, you have to make your stage karmateet by studying. As well as that you also have to show others the way to become pure from impure. Therefore, do spiritual service.


By remembering which mantra can you prevent yourself from performing sinful acts?


The Father has given you the mantra: Hear no evil! See no evil!Speak no evil! Remember this mantra. You must not perform any sinful acts through your physical organs. Everyone in the iron age commits sin. This is why Baba shows you the way to imbibe the virtue of purity. This is the number one virtue.


May you be one with the determination to make a total sacrifice and celebrate the transformation ceremony.

There is a saying "Even if you have to die, you must not let go of your religion”. So, no matter what circumstances come, even if a mahavir form of Maya comes in front of you, do not let go of your principles. Do not take back into your thoughts the useless things that you have relinquished from your mind. Always be an elevated actor and with your powerful form of elevated self-respect, elevated awareness and elevated life, continue to play the game of greatness. Finish all games of weakness. When you have the determination to make such a total sacrifice, the ceremony of transformation will then take place. Now, collectively fix a date for this ceremony.


Become a real diamond and spread the sparkle of your vibrations into the world.