Sweet children, the Father has come to teach you the deep philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action. When both soul and body are pure, actions are neutral. When you become impure, actions become sinful.


What is the reason why souls have become rusty? What is the sign of a soul being covered with rust?


The reason for rust is vice. It is when you souls become impure that you are covered with rust. If, even now, souls have rust, they are attracted to the old world. Their intellects continue to become criminal and they are unable to stay in remembrance.


May you constantly be an embodiment of success and become powerful by experiencing all attainments.

Those who are images of all attainments are powerful. Only such powerful souls who experience all attainments can become embodiments of success. All souls are now wondering where are the souls who are master bestowers of happiness and peace. When you have a stock of all powers you will be able to make everyone content. Nowadays, you are able to obtain everything from one store, so you have to become the same. Let it not be that someone has the power to tolerate but not the power to face. You need to have a stock of all powers for only then will you be able to become an embodiment of success.


The codes of conduct are the steps of Brahmin life. To place your steps in the Father’s footsteps means to come close to your destination.