Sweet children, the Father, the Lord of Life who saves your lives, has come to play the sweet murli of knowledge to you children to save your lives.


Which faith do only the fortunate children have?


The faith that the Father who makes our fortune elevated has come. We are receiving from the Father the fruit of our devotion. The Father has now come to take us back home with Him by restoring to us the wings that Maya cut off. Only fortunate children have this faith.


Who has come in the early morning hours?

Essence for dharna:

1. Make your intellect divine with knowledge and yoga. No matter how ill you are or how much difficulty there is, even in that situation, you must remember the Father.

2. In order to make your fortune elevated, let your intellect have full faith. Connect your intellect in yoga to your sweet silence home.


May you become double light and make difficult tasks easy by constantly having the awareness of the combined form.

The children who constantly stay in remembrance constantly experience His Company. When any problem comes in front of them, they experience themselves to be combined and do not become afraid. The awareness of the combined form will make any difficult task easy. When any big situation comes in front of you, hand over your burdens to the Father and become double light. Your mind will then continue to dance in happiness day and night, like an angelís.


Those who find a solution to everything and remain content and make others content are jewels of contentment.

Invaluable versions of Mateshwari
Contrast of knowledge and yoga.

Yoga and knowledge are two words. Remembrance of God is referred to as yoga. The word yoga is not used for the remembrance of anyone else. The yoga that gurus teach is also of connecting with God, but they do not have the full introduction to God and so they do not have much success in yoga. Yoga and knowledge are both powers and by making effort in these two subjects, you receive might and, you become a conqueror of sinful actions and make your life elevated. Everyone speaks of yoga, but you first of all need to have the introduction of the One you are having yoga with. We receive Godís introduction from God and, by having yoga through that introduction, we have total success. With yoga we burn our burden of past sins and with knowledge we realise what actions we have to perform in the future and why. The roots of our lives are our sanskars, and eternal souls are made of sanskars, but our sanskars continue to change through our actions. Souls become great through yoga and knowledge, and you also develop power in your lives, but both these things are received from God. It is from God that we find the way to become free from our karmic bondages. No one but God can give us power to become free from the karmic bondages of the sins we have committed so that our future actions are not sinful. God brings both yoga and knowledge. He inspires us to burn our sins in the fire of yoga and He teaches us how to perform elevated actions in the future through which our actions become neutral. This is why God has said: The philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action is very deep. Now, we souls need direct power from God. We cannot receive the powers of yoga and knowledge from the scriptures. We can only receive these from the Almighty Authority, the all-powerful One. We now have to make the roots of our lives (sanskars) such that we have happiness in our lives. So, God comes and sows the seed of pure sanskars and on the basis of these pure sanskars, we will become liberated-in-life for half the cycle. Achcha.