Sweet children, you have to become deities, so renounce the defects of Maya. To get angry, to beat someone, to harass someone, to perform bad acts and to steal are all great sins.


Which children can go ahead fast in this knowledge? Which ones experience a loss?


Those who know how to keep their accounts can go ahead very fast in this knowledge. It is those who don’t remain soul conscious who experience a loss. Baba says: Businessmen have the habit of keeping their accounts. Therefore, here, too, they can go ahead very fast.


May you be a constantly great donor and use all your treasures for yourself and others.

The Father’s bhandara (kitchen, treasure-store) functions every day, and He distributes every day. In the same way, may you continue to give constantly because you have overflowing treasures of knowledge, powers and happiness. There is no danger in keeping these with you and using them. When this treasure-store is open, thieves will not come. If you keep it closed, thieves will come, and so look again and again at the treasures you have received and use them for yourself and others and you will become a constantly great donor.


Churn whatever you have heard, because it is only by churning that you will become powerful.