Sweet children, you are from a very elevated clan. You have to change from Brahmins into deities and you must therefore break all your dirty, vicious habits.


What is not connected with this study?


How you dress is not connected with this study. There is no question of changing your dress here. The Father teaches you souls. The soul knows that it has an old impure body and that it doesn’t matter what type of ordinary clothes you make it wear. The bodies and souls are both ugly. The Father changes those who are ugly and makes them beautiful.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order for your intellect to imbibe pure knowledge, make the vessel of your intellect golden. Only by having remembrance will your vessel become golden.

2. You have now become Brahmins. Therefore, finish all shudra habits. Live with great royalty. Maintain the intoxication that you are becoming the masters of the world.


May you transform your vision and attitude and become an image that grants visions and so transform the world.

Make your vision divine by transforming of your attitude and many souls will see their real form, their real home and their real kingdom from your vision. In order to give them that real vision, let there not be the slightest mischievousness of body consciousness in your attitude. Reform your attitude and make your vision divine and this world will be transformed. Those who see you will experience your eyes to be not just eyes but containers of magic. Your eyes will become a means to give them visions.


Along with zeal and enthusiasm for doing service, to have an attitude of unlimited disinterest is the means of success.