01/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you children of Brahma are brothers and sisters. Your attitude has to be very clean and pure.

Which children’s explanations leave a very good impression?

Those who live at home with their families and remain as pure as a lotus flower. When such experienced children explain this knowledge to others, it makes a very good impression on them, because to be married and yet not have any impure attitude is a very high destination. You children have to remain extremely cautious about this.

Our pilgrimage is unique.

Essence for dharna:

1. You souls are brothers. Have this faith and live together with a lot of love for one another by observing your promise of purity. Make everyone lovely.

2. By making your intellect broad, understand the deep significance of this knowledge. Churn the ocean of knowledge. In order to be protected from any attack of Maya, practise remaining soul conscious.


May you die a living death and become great under the shower of the nectar of knowledge.

The Father has showered the nectar of knowledge on you children and made you great from being like corpses. He lifted you off the burning pyre and made you die alive. He gave you the nectar of knowledge and made you immortal. People say that God brings the dead back to life, but they do not know how He does that. You have the happiness that you, who were previously dead, like corpses, because of your body consciousness, have now become great.


Those who are stable in their religion as they perform actions are righteous souls.