Sweet children, you are gurus, children of the Satguru, who give everyone the mantra for liberation-in-life. You can never tell lies about God.

Q- What is the way to receive liberation-in-life in a second and what is the memorial of that?

A- In order to receive liberation-in-life in a second while living at home with your family, become as pure as a lotus. Simply promise to remain pure in this final birth and you will receive liberation-in-life. The example of King Janak is remembered because of this. While living at home with his family, he received liberation-in-life in a second on the basis of making a promise.

D- 1. Don’t simply listen through one ear to whatever the Father tells you and then let it out through the other. Have the intoxication of knowledge and experience supersensuous joy._________2. Tell everyone this great mantra in order to give them the right to liberation and liberation-in-life in a second: “Renounce your body and all bodily relations and remember the one Father.”

V- May you become equal and claim the first grade by following Father Brahma.___________All the children have a lot of love for Father Brahma and the sign of love is to become equal. For this, always have the aim of being first. Do not be first out of jealousy because that is harmful. However, if you say it and then become the first in following the Father in practice, then being with the first, you will also become first. Just as Father Brahma became number one, similarly let all those who follow him also have the aim of becoming number one. Those who take the initiative are number one Arjuna and everyone has that chance to come first. The first grade is unlimited, it is not of just a few.

S- In order to become an embodiment of success, serve yourself and others simultaneously.