Sweet children, your vision should not fall on anyone’s body. Consider yourself to be a soul and don’t look at anyone’s body.

Q- To which two special aspects should each of you Brahmin children pay attention?

A- The study and divine virtues. Whereas some children don’t have the slightest anger, others have so much anger that they fight a great deal. You children should be concerned about imbibing divine virtues and becoming deities. Do not speak angrily to anyone. Baba says: The children who have anger within them are like lords and ladies of evil spirits. You must not talk to anyone who has such evil spirits.

D- 1. Churn the knowledge and remain in supersensuous joy. Do not talk to anyone in a rough way. Move away from anyone who speaks to you in anger.___________2. In order to become an heir of God, first make Him your Heir. Become sensible and finish all your attachment by giving everything that belongs to you to the Father. Have mercy for yourself.

V- May you be happy hearted and constantly follow the one Father with your stable and constant stage.___________For you children, Father Brahma’s life is an accurate computer. People nowadays put all their questions to a computer and receive an answer. In the same way, whenever a question arises, then, instead of asking “Why?” or “What?” just look at the computer of Father Brahma’s life. The questions of “Why?” and “What?” will change into “In this way”. Instead of being full of questions, you will become happy hearted. To be happy hearted means to follow the Father with your constant and stable stage.

S- With your soul-conscious power, experience being always healthy.