Sweet children, become bodiless and remember the Father. Remain stable in your original religion and you will receive strength. You will remain happy and healthy and your battery will continue to become full.

Q- By knowing what it is that is fixed in the drama, how do you children remain constantly unshakeable?

A- You know that the bombs etc. that have been made will definitely be used. Only when destruction takes place will our new world come. This is eternally fixed in the drama. Everyone has to die. You have the happiness that you will shed your old bodies and take birth in a kingdom. You watch the drama as detached observers. There is no question of fluctuating. There is no need to cry.

D- 1. Stay in the intoxication of knowledge and yoga and keep your heart clean. Do not waste your time in waste thoughts or in gossiping._________2. We souls are brothers; we now have to return home. Practise this very firmly. Become bodiless, stabilize yourself in your original religion and remember the Father.

V- May you be a knowledgeable soul who uplifts those who defame you and one who finishes any thoughts of causing harm._________Even if someone defames you, causes you harm or insults you every day, let there not be any feelings of dislike for that one in your mind. To uplift those who defame you is the task of knowledgeable souls. You children insulted the Father for 63 births and the Father still looked at you with benevolent vision. So, follow the Father. The meaning of a knowledgeable soul is to have feelings of benevolence for everyone. Let there not be the slightest thought of causing any harm.

S- Stabilize yourself in the stage of “Manmanabhav” and you will know the intentions in the minds of others.