Sweet children, God is your Friend and Ravan is your enemy. Therefore, you love God and burn Ravan.


Which children automatically receive blessings from many others?


The children who stay in remembrance and purify themselves and also make others similar to themselves continue to receive blessings from many others. They claim a very high status. The Father just gives you one shrimat to make you elevated. He says: Children, don't remember any bodily beings, but just remember Me alone.


May you be constantly victorious by making the Father your Companion with the stage of having all rights.

The easy way to make the Father your Companion is to have the stage of having all rights. When you remain stable in the stage of having all rights, your intellect will not fluctuate in wasteful or impure thoughts or in the sweetness of many other things. With concentration of your intellect, you develop the powers of facing, discerning and deciding. These easily make you victorious over the many types of attacks from Maya.


A Raja yogi is one who practises going from the essence to the expansion and from the expansion to the essence in a second.