Sweet children, the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, has come personally to perform the dance of knowledge in front of you children. Become clever, serviceable children and the dance of knowledge will be good.


What hobby do you children develop at the confluence age?


That of staying in remembrance. This is your spiritual hobby. As well as developing this hobby you also have to perform divine and spiritual actions. You are Brahmins. You definitely have to narrate the true story to everyone. Children also have the hobby of doing service.


May you become an embodiment of all attainments and receive a crown of light as your Godly fortune.

In the world, the sign of fortune is a kingdom and the sign of a kingdom is a crown. In the same way, the sign of having Godly fortune is a crown of light. The basis of receiving this crown is purity. Completely pure souls, as well as having a crown of light, are full of all attainments. If any attainment is missing, the crown of light will not then be clearly visible.


Only those who remain stable in their spiritual stage can be great donors with their minds.