Sweet children, you are now at the confluence age and you have to break your connections with the old world because it is now going to be destroyed.


What speciality of the confluence age is unique in the whole of the cycle?


The speciality of the confluence age is: You study here and receive the reward of that in the future. Throughout the whole cycle, there is no type of study where you receive the reward of it in your next birth. You children are now studying in the land of death for the land of immortality. No one else studies for their next birth.


May you use the speciality of being generous-hearted, uplift yourself and everyone else and become an image of support and upliftment.

To be generous-hearted means to have a generous and big heart in every task. To be co-operative in making others virtuous with your virtues, to be co-operative in filling others with power and specialities means to be a great donor. To be generous-hearted is the speciality of a generous soul. Souls who are filled with such specialities receive the blessing of success in becoming images of support and upliftment because to become an embodiment of support in service means to become an instrument to uplift the self and everyone else.


Keep yourself and the Father combined in such a way that no third person can separate you.