Sweet children, peace is the garland around your necks. It is the original religion of oneself. Therefore, there is no need to wander around for peace. Simply stabilise yourself in your original religion.

What method do people use to purify something? What method has the Father created?

In order to purify something, people put it in a fire. When they create a yagya, they make a fire. Here, too, the Father has created the sacrificial fire of Rudra, but this is the sacrificial fire of knowledge. Everyone's offering has to be sacrificed into this. You children sacrifice everything you have including your bodies. You have to have yoga. This is a race of yoga. Through this, you will first become the garland around the neck of Rudra and then you will be threaded in the rosary around the neck of Vishnu.


Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:

1. Very little time remains. A lot of time has gone by and only a little remains. Therefore, for whatever time you still have, use it in a worthwhile way in remembrance of the Father. Settle your karmic accounts of the sins you have committed in the past.

2. In order to stabilise in your original religion of peace, you definitely have to become pure. Where there is purity, there is peace. “My original religion is peace. I am a child of the Father, the Ocean of Peace.” Experience this.


May you be respected by all and easily achieve success with your speciality of humility.

The easy way to receive everyone’s respect is to be humble. Souls who conduct themselves with the speciality of humility easily achieve success. To be humble means to have your self-respect. To be humble does not mean to bow down, but for everyone to bow down to you because of your speciality and love. According to the present time, this is the main basis for constantly and easily achieving success. Those who are humble in every action, relationship and connection become victorious jewels.


Imbibe the power of knowledge and, instead of obstacles obstructing you, they will be overcome.