Sweet children, you now have to study here and change from thorns into fragrant flowers for your future 21 births. Imbibe divine virtues and also inspire others to do so.


The locks on the intellects of which children continue to open, numberwise?


Those who continually follow shrimat and stay in remembrance of the Purifier Father. The locks on the intellects of those whose yoga is connected to the One who teaches them, continue to open. Baba says: Children, practise considering yourselves to be souls, brothers, and listen to the Father. Listen and explain to others in the state of soul consciousness and your locks will continue to open.


May you constantly be merged in the Father’s imperishable and selfless love and become Maya-proof.

Maya cannot attract the children who remain constantly merged in the Father’s love. Just as not a single drop of water can stay on waterproof clothes, in the same way, those who remain merged in this love become Maya-proof. Maya cannot attack you in any way because the Father’s love is imperishable and selfless. How can those who have experienced this become trapped in temporary love. One is the Father and the second is I, and no third person can come in-between us.


Those who act while loving and detached are able to put a full stop in a second.