Sweet children, you are spiritual guides. You have to show everyone the path to the abode of peace, that is, to the abode of immortality.


What intoxication do you children have and, what words of faith do you say on the basis of that intoxication?


You children have the intoxication that you will become pure for birth after birth by remembering the Father. You say with faith that, no matter how many obstacles come, heaven is definitely going to be established. Establishment of the new world and destruction of the old world are definitely going to take place. This is the predestined drama. There is no question of doubt about this.


May you be a world server who gives visions of alokik power by doing double service.

Just as the Father’s form is of the World Server, in the same way, you too are world servers, like the Father. You do physical service with your bodies while being busy doing the service of world transformation with your minds. Let there be service done with the body and the mind taking place simultaneously. Those who do service with their minds and with their deeds at the same time enable others to experience and see that they have alokik power. Therefore, make this practice constant and natural. For serving with your mind, especially increase the practice of concentration.


Be one who picks up virtues from everyone but who follows Father Brahma.