Sweet children, you are creating your fortune for the future new world. This Raja Yoga of yours is for the new world.


What are the main signs of fortunate children?


1. Fortunate children follow shrimat according to the law. They do not do anything against the law and so deceive themselves or the Father. 2. They take a full interest in studying and explaining to others. 3. They make effort to pass with honours and claim a scholarship. 4. They never cause anyone sorrow. They never perform wrong actions.


I have come having had my fortune awakened.

Essence for dharna:

1. Donít perform any action against shrimat. Study well and make your fortune elevated. Don't cause anyone sorrow.

2. Finish your attachment to the old world. Connect your intellect in yoga with the new world. In order to remain happy, imbibe knowledge and also inspire others to imbibe it.


May you be a charitable soul and with the stage of a lighthouse, stop performing sinful actions.

Where there is light, there cannot be any sinful actions. By your constantly having the stage of a lighthouse, Maya cannot make you perform any sinful actions and you will become a constantly charitable soul. A charitable soul cannot perform any sinful actions even in his thoughts. Where there is sin, there cannot be the remembrance of Father. Have this determined thought: I am a charitable soul and sin cannot come in front of me. Do not allow any sin to enter your dreams or thoughts.


Those who observe every scene as a detached observer remain constantly cheerful.