Sweet children, this most elevated confluence age is the age of benevolence. Only in this age does transformation take place. This is the age when you change from the most degraded to the most elevated human beings.


By thinking or speaking of which particular things can you never make any progress on this path of knowledge?


"If it’s in the drama, I’ll make effort! I’ll do it if the drama inspires me." Those who think or speak in this way can never make progress. It is wrong to say this. You know that it’s also fixed in the drama for you to make effort now. You do have to make effort.


May you have an elevated reward and experience the ascending stage by remaining aware of the elevated attainments of the confluence age.

The speciality of meeting God and of receiving God’s knowledge is to have imperishable attainments. It isn’t that the confluence age is just an effort-making life and that the golden age is a life of the reward of that. The speciality of the confluence age is that you take one step and receive a thousand steps as the reward. So, it isn’t just effort but it is also an elevated reward. Always keep this form in front of you. By seeing the reward, you will easily experience the ascending stage. Sing the song "I have attained what I wanted to attain”, and you will be saved from choking or nodding off.


The breath of Brahmins is courage with which even the most difficult task becomes easy.