Sweet children, it is now the end of this land of death, the land of immortality is being established. Therefore, you mustn't remember those who belong to the land of death.


What does the Father remind His poor children of?


Children, when you were pure and viceless, you were very happy. No one was as wealthy as you were. You had limitless happiness. The earth, the sky, everything was in your hands. The Father has now come to make you wealthy once again.


Show the path to the blind, dear God!

Essence for dharna:

1. Claim your unlimited inheritance from the one Father. Perform elevated actions. Now that you have found the Father, you mustn't stumble in any way.

2. Remain aware of what the Father has reminded you of and maintain infinite happiness. Don't remember bodily beings.


May you become aware of being an instrument and thereby pay attention to your every thought and become an embodiment of solutions.

Everyone’s vision is on instrument souls and so those who are instruments have to pay special attention to their thoughts. If instruments make an excuse about anything, those who follow them will also then make many excuses. If those who are instruments lack anything, it cannot be hidden. Therefore, pay special attention to your thoughts, words and actions and become an embodiment of solutions.


Knowledgeable souls are those who do not have any ego about their virtues and specialities.

Invaluable versions of Mateshwari

1) What is the aim and objective of human beings? The correct method with which to achieve that.

Every human being definitely has to think about what is appropriate to make his or her life good. What is human life for? What should we do in that? Let me ask my heart: Do I see that transformation in my life? First of all, we need knowledge in our human lives. Then, what is the aim and objective of this life? You would definitely accept that you want complete happiness and peace, at all times. Am I getting that now? In this dark, iron age, there is nothing but sorrow and peacelessness. So, we have to think about how we can have peace and happiness. The two words “peace and happiness” that have emerged, must definitely have existed in this world, and this is why people ask for it. If a person were to say that he hasn’t seen such a world, then how can you believe in such a world? It has been explained that you have the two words “day and night”. So, there must definitely be day and night. No one can say that he has only seen the night and so how can he believe in the existence of the day? However, since there are the two names, these must definitely have a part. In fact, I have also heard there was a stage higher than the iron age, which was called the golden age. If time were to continue as it is now, then why was the name “golden age” given? This world continues to change its stage, just as you have a young baby, a child, youth, adult and they continue to change. The world also continues to change in the same way. There is so much difference between today’s life and that life. So, we have to try and create such an elevated life like that.

2) Expansion of the incorporeal world, the subtle region and the corporeal world.

There are three worlds. One is the incorporeal world, the second is the subtle region and the third is the corporeal world. You now know that souls reside in the incorporeal world and the physical human community resides in the corporeal world. Then there is just the world of the subtle region. The thought arises: Does this subtle region exist all the time or does its part continue for only a short time? People of the world think that the subtle region is up above, angels reside there and that is called heaven; that they will go there and experience happiness. However, it is now clear that heaven and hell exist in this world. The subtle, angelic world where we have visions of pure souls began in the copper age. When the path of devotion begins, it is clear that the incorporeal world and the corporeal world exist all the time. We cannot say the subtle region exists all the time. It is only at this time that we especially have a vision of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar because it is now that God creates the three forms through which to carry out His three tasks. Achcha.