Sweet children, this is the most elevated confluence age. The old world is changing and becoming new. You now have to make effort and claim an elevated deity status.


Which aspect do the serviceable children constantly keep in their intellects?


They remember that wealth doesn't run out by donating it. This is why they even renounce their sleep and continue to donate the wealth of knowledge night and day and don't become tired. However, if there are any defects in them, they cannot have enthusiasm for doing service.


May you be unshakeable and immovable and make the foundation of your faith strong.by considering adverse situations to be good luck.

When adverse situations come, take a high jump because for adverse situations to come is a sign of good luck. They are a means to make the foundation of your faith strong. When you become as strong as Angad once and for all, those test papers will then also salute you. First, they will come in a fearsome form and then they will come as your servants. Challenge them as mahavirs. Just as a line cannot be drawn on water, in the same way, no adverse situation can attack the self, a master ocean. By staying in your original stage, you will become unshakeable and immovable.


A knowledge-full person is one whose every action is elevated and successful.