Sweet children, if you remember Alpha and beta, the Father and the inheritance, your mercury of happiness will remain high. This is an easy matter of just a second.

Q- Which children have limitless happiness? What is the way to keep your mercury of happiness constantly high?

A- Children who practise being bodiless, those who imbibe very well whatever the Father tells them and who inspire others to imbibe it experience limitless happiness. In order for your mercury of happiness to remain constantly high, continue to donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge. Bring benefit to many others. Always have the awareness that you are now going to the peak of happiness and peace and you will remain happy.

D- 1. In order to imbibe knowledge, first of all make your intellect golden aged. Do not have any attachment to anything except remembrance of the Father.___________2. In order to attain the karmateet stage and return home, practise being bodiless. Examine your behaviour to see that you do not cause sorrow for anyone. Have I become as sweet as the Father?

V- May you be a master ocean of love who turns stone to water with the natural nature of your Brahmin life.________People of the world say that love can turn stone to water. In the same way, the natural nature of you Brahmins is to be master oceans of love. You have such a power of soul-conscious love and God’s love that you can transform different natures. Just as the Ocean of Love with His eternal nature of being the embodiment of love made you children belong to Him, in the same way, you become master oceans of love and also give souls of the world true selfless spiritual love so their natures will then be transformed.

S- Keep your specialities in your awareness and use them for service and you will continue to fly in the flying stage.