Sweet children, the Father has come to clean your intellects. It is only when you have become clean that you will be able to become deities.

Q- What is the predestined plan in this drama from which even the Father cannot become free?

A- The Father has to come to His children every cycle. He has to make his impure and unhappy children pure and happy again. This plan is predestined in the drama. Even the Father cannot become free from this bondage.

Q- What is the main speciality of the Father who teaches you?

A- He is completely egoless and He comes into this impure world and into an impure body. The Father is making you into the masters of heaven at this time. Then, from the copper age onwards, you build golden temples to Him.

D- 1. You must turn your face away from the great pomp of Maya. Constantly have goose pimples of happiness, knowing that you are becoming the most elevated human beings and that God Himself is teaching you.__________2. In order to claim your fortune of the kingdom of the whole world, simply become pure. Just as the Father is completely egoless and enters the impure world and an impure body, so you also have to become as egoless as the Father and do service.

V- May you be a conqueror of vice and so a conqueror of the world and gain victory over all limited desires.__________All limited desires are trace of vices. There are desires for things, secondly, there are desires for some limited attainment from other humans, third is a desire for fulfilling relationships, fourth is a limited desire from the intention to serve. To be especially attracted to a person or object and to say that that is not a desire but that you like it, that too is a trace of vice. When these subtle traces finish, you will then be said to be a conqueror of vice and a conqueror of the world.

S- With realisation in your heart, claim a right to blessings from the Father, the Comforter of Hearts.