Sweet children, it is your duty to give the Father's message to every home. Under all circumstances, you must definitely find a way to give everyone the Father's introduction.

Q- In which one aspect should you children be interested?

A- You should be interested in noting down all the new points that emerge because it is difficult to remember all of these points. You can use your notes to explain to others. However, you shouldn't write down the points and then leave your notebook aside. The children who understand everything clearly are very interested in taking notes.

D- 1. Constantly have the happiness that you are the instruments who are establishing the true religion and that God Himself is teaching you. Our deity religion is one that gives a great deal of happiness.____________2. You have to become gardeners and do the service of changing thorns into flowers. Before you bring them in front of the Father, you must first prepare them well. You have to make this effort.

V- May you become extremely wealthy and sensible by using every power and increasing those powers.__________Sensible children know the method of using every power. To the extent that you use the powers, to that extent those powers increase. So, make such a spiritual budget that every soul receives something or other from you and sings your praise. You definitely have to give them something or other, whether you give them liberation or liberation-in-life. Make a spiritual budget, save and accumulate all the spiritual powers and with the powers you have accumulated, liberate all souls from being beggars, from sorrow and peacelessness.

S- Make pure thoughts into invaluable treasures in your life and you will become full of all treasures.