Sweet children, the study is your income. This study is your source of income. Only through this study can you accumulate an income for 21 births.

Q- What are the visible signs of the children who experience the omens of Jupiter?

A- They pay full attention to shrimat. They study very well. They never fail. Those who disobey shrimat fail in their studies. The omens of Rahu are over them. The omens of Jupiter, the Seed of the Tree, are now over you children.

D- 1. Whilst seeing this old world, your intellects should be focused in yoga on the Father and the new world. Pay attention that you don’t carry out any sinful act through your sense organs. Always carry out pure acts. If you have any sickness inside you, take advice from the Surgeon.__________2. The influence of bad company is very negative. Caution yourself against this. Make yourself and your family into bestowers of happiness. Never make excuses for not studying.

V- May you offer everything you have for service as an incognito donor and a charitable soul. ___________Whatever service you do, continue to offer that for world benefit. On the path of devotion, incognito charitable souls think they should donate everything for the benefit of everyone. In the same way, let your every thought be offered for service. Never have any desire for doing something for yourself. Do service for everyone. Any service that becomes an obstacle is not said to be true service. Therefore, let go of doing something for yourself, and serve as a true incognito server and continue to benefit the world.

S- Surrender everything to God and you will experience the difficulties that are to come to be easy.