Sweet children, stay in accurate remembrance of the Father and your faces will remain constantly sparkling and happy.


What is the way to sit in remembrance and what are the benefits of it?


When you sit in remembrance, remove all the complications of your business etc. from your intellect and consider yourself to be a soul. The body and bodily relations are a big web. Swallow that web and go beyond body consciousness. This means that when you die, the world is dead for you. When you die alive, you forget everything while alive and you only remember the one Father. This is the bodiless stage. It is through this that the rust on the soul will be removed.


May you have unlimited disinterest and experience the whole world in the one Father.

Only those who consider the Father to be their world can have unlimited disinterest. Those who have just the Father as their world would just stay in their world, they would not get involved with anyone else, and so they automatically step away. Both people and possessions are included in the world. "The Father’s wealth means my wealth”. By maintaining this awareness you will become one who has unlimited disinterest. While looking at others, you will not see anyone, they will just not be visible to you.


In order to experience a powerful stage, keep a balance of being in solitude and being entertaining.