Sweet children, this is a play about the graveyard (kabristhan) and the land of angels (Paristhan). At this time it is the graveyard and later it will become Paristhan. Donít let your heart be attached to this graveyard.

By knowing what one thing will human beings have all their doubts removed?

If they come to know who the Father is and how He comes, all their doubts will be removed. Until they know the Father, their doubts cannot end. By your intellects having faith, you become part of the rosary of victory, but you have to have full faith in everything within a second.

Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to this earth!

Essence for dharna:

1. Break off all other connections and follow the mother and father fully. Let your intellect have unlimited disinterest in this old world. You have to forget it.

2. It is now the time of the end and everything is to be destroyed. Therefore, before the very end, insure everything you have and claim a right to the full future sovereignty.


May you have elevated fortune and constantly eat and serve others with the nourishment of happiness of Brahmin life.

We are the children and the masters of the Master of the World. Constantly have this Godly intoxication and happiness. Wah my elevated fortune! This is my destiny. Constantly continue to swing in this swing of happiness. I am constantly fortunate for I am constantly eating and serving others with the nourishment of happiness. You give others the great donation of happiness and make them fortunate. Happiness is your life. To remain happy is to live. This is the elevated blessing of Brahmin life.


Be tolerant in every situation and you will continue to experience pleasure.

Invaluable elevated versions of Mateshwariji

1. This Godly knowledge has not emerged from our intellects, nor from our own understanding, our imagination or our thoughts, but we have heard this knowledge from the Creator of this world. Along with this, we tell you what we have experienced in a practical way and what we have taken into our own consciousness. If it were a question of just our own consciousness, it would only work with us, but we have heard this from God, experienced it with our consciousness and are imbibing it. Whatever we imbibe, it is definitely in our consciousness and our experience, for only then is it considered to be our own. We know this through that One. So what is Godís creation? Who is God? It is not a question of our own thoughts. If it were, it would then arise in our minds. This is my thought and this is why I have received from God the main point worthy of imbibing. The main thing is to have yoga, but before yoga, we need to have knowledge. Why is it said that knowledge is first needed before yoga? First of all, think, then understand and then have yoga. It is always said that understanding is first needed, otherwise, our actions would be wrong. This is why knowledge is first essential. Knowledge is a high stage for which we need the intellects to understand it because God, the Highest on High, is teaching us.

2. This Godly knowledge is for breaking away on the one hand and for connecting on the other hand. We have to connect ourselves to God. By having this pure relationship, we will progress higher on the ladder of knowledge, because souls at this time are under the influence of the bondage of karma. In the beginning, souls were free from any bondage of karma. Later, they came into the bondage of karma and now, once again, they have to become free from their karmic bondages. Now, there mustnít be any bondage of our karma, and it must be in our own hands how we act, that is, we must control our own actions for only then will we not be bound by any bondage of karma. This is called liberation in life. Otherwise, by being in the bondage of karma and coming into the cycle, there cannot be liberation in life for all time. Now, all power has gone from souls and actions are being performed without their control. However, souls have to act, and souls must receive power. Souls have to come into the stage where they donít have any bondage of karma. Otherwise, human beings will be caught up by the effect of happiness and sorrow because their actions will pull them. Souls develop power to free themselves from any bondage of karma. This is the result. Everything will become easy by imbibing these things. This is the purpose of this class. We donít have to study the Vedas and scriptures and get a degree, but we have to use this Godly knowledge to create our lives. For this, we need to take power from God. Achcha.