Sweet children, the Bestower of liberation in life who grants salvation to all has now become your Father. You are His children. Therefore, you should have a great deal of intoxication.


Which children’s intellects are unable to have remembrance of Baba constantly?


The intellects of those who do not have full faith are unable to have constant remembrance of Baba. If they don’t know who is teaching them, who is it they would remember? Those who recognise Him accurately and who remember Him become absolved of their sins. The Father Himself comes and gives you the accurate introduction of Himself and His home.


May you become an embodiment of virtues and experience all virtues by having a balance of the three types of service.

The children who always remain engaged in service with their every thought, word and act become embodiments of success. When they have equal marks in all three and they have a balance of all three throughout the day, they will thenpass with honours and become embodiments of virtues. The beautiful decoration of all divine virtues is clearly visible in them. To give one another co-operation of the Father’s virtues and the virtues that you have imbibed is to become an embodiment of virtues because the donation of virtue is the greatest donation.


When the foundation of faith is strong, you automatically experience an elevated life.