Sweet children, together with becoming satopradhan by having remembrance, you also have to accumulate an income by studying. At the time of studying, let your intellects not wander here and there.


What victory is fixed for you doubly non-violent unknown warriors and why?


You children are making effort to conquer Maya. Your aim is definitely to take back your kingdom from Ravan. This tactic is created in the drama. Your victory is guaranteed because you have God, Himself, personally with you. You gain victory with the power of yoga. Through the great mantra of "Manmanabhav” you receive a kingdom and you rule for half the cycle.


May your intellects have full faith and cool down any fearsome problem.

Just as you have faith in the Father, in the same way, have full faith in yourself and also in the drama. If you yourself have any weak thoughts arising in you, they will create sanskars of weakness. Therefore, do not let germs of any weakness of waste thoughts enter you. At the same time, experience benefit in whatever scenes of the drama you see, even scenes of upheaval. Even if the atmosphere may be one that shakes you, even if the problems are fearsome, always be victorious by your intellect having firm faith and the fearsome problems will cool down.


Those who love the Father and service receive love from the family automatically.