Sweet children, after going into 84 motors, the batteries of you souls have become dull. Now charge them fully by staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance.


Which children does Baba consider to be very, very fortunate?


Baba tells the children who don’t have any complications and who remain free from bondage: You are very, very fortunate children. By staying in remembrance, you can charge your batteries fully. If you simply relate knowledge but you have no yoga, the arrow cannot strike the target. No matter how brilliantly you relate your experience, if you don’t practise what you speak about, your conscience will continue to bite you.


May you become Maya-proof and give the practical proof of God’s knowledge with your elevated life.

By considering yourself to be a practical example and prove God’s knowledge, you will become Maya-proof. Practical proof is your elevated, pure life. The biggest thing that becomes possible from impossible is living in a household while having an attitude of being beyond, and remaining beyond the awareness of bodies and relations of the physical world. When you see but not see with the eyes of the old body, the things of the old world, it means you are leading a life of total purity. This is the easy way to reveal God and to become Maya-proof.


If the guards of attention are working well you cannot lose your treasure of supersensuous joy.