Sweet children, only you are true, unique magicians. You have to perform the magic of changing humans into deities.


What are the signs of good effort-making students?


They have the aim of passing with honours, that is, of going into the rosary of victory. They only have remembrance of the one Father in their intellects. They break their intellects’ yoga away from all bodily relations, including their own bodies and love only the One. Only such effort-makers become beads of the rosary.


May you become an image of experience and reveal the Father with your experience of all virtues.

Become experienced in all the virtues that you sing of the Father. As the Father is the Ocean of Bliss, move along in the waves of the ocean of bliss. Whoever comes into connection with you, give them the experience of bliss, love, happiness and all virtues. Become an embodiment of all virtues in this way, and the Father’s image will be revealed through you because only you great souls can reveal the Supreme Soul with your images of experience.


Transform excuses into solutions and take inauspicious things as auspicious.