Sweet children, together with having knowledge and yoga, your behaviour also has to be very good. Let there not be any evil spirits inside you because you are exorcists who remove evil spirits.

Q- Which intoxication can the worthy and obedient children experience permanently?

A- We are claiming from Baba our inheritance of becoming double-crowned masters of the world. Only worthy and obedient children can experience this intoxication permanently. However, if there is an evil spirit of lust or anger inside you, there cannot be this intoxication. Such children cannot even have regard for the Father. This is why you first of all have to chase away the evil spirits and make your stage strong.

D- 1. Remain honest and clean internally and externally. Give the Father your news with an honest heart. Do not hide anything._________2. You now have to return home. Therefore practise remaining bodiless. Remain in silence.

V- May you renounce any consciousness of “mine” and do service as a trustee and become a constantly contented soul.___________While living with your family and doing service, always remember that you are a trustee and a server. While doing service, let there not be the slightest consciousness of “mine” for only then will you be able to remain content. When there is the consciousness of “mine” you become distressed and think, “My son does this.” So where there is the consciousness of “mine” you become distressed whereas when everything is “Yours”, you begin to swim. To say “Yours” means to maintain your self-respect and to say “mine, mine” means to have arrogance.

S- Let your intellect always have the awareness of the Father and shrimat and you will then be called a soul whose heart is surrendered.