Sweet children, stay in remembrance of the Father and remain constantly cheerful. Those who stay in remembrance of the Father are very entertaining and sweet. They remain happy and do service.

Q- Together with having the intoxication of knowledge, which checking is it most essential to have?

A- Together with the intoxication of knowledge, also check to what extent you have become soul conscious. Knowledge is very easy, but it is in yoga that Maya creates obstacles. While living at home with your family, you have to remain free from attraction. It should not be that Maya, the mouse, continues to bite you inside and you remain unaware of it. Continue to check your own pulse to see if you have deep love for Baba. For how long do you stay in remembrance?

D- 1. Transfer all your bags and baggage and remain very intoxicated and happy. Become seated on the throne, like Mama and Baba. Stay in deep remembrance from the heart._______2. Never stop studying due to being afraid of someone. Lighten your karmic bondage with remembrance. Never get angry or take the law into your own hands. Don’t say “No” when asked to do any type of service.

V- May you be a special soul who experiences and enables others to experience the property and personality of Brahmin life._________BapDada reminds all you Brahmin children that it is your great fortune that you became Brahmins. However, the inheritance and property of Brahmin life is contentment and the personality of Brahmin life is happiness. Never be deprived of this experience. You have a right. Since the Bestower and the Bestower of Blessings is giving you the treasures of attainment with an open heart, then experience them and also enable others to experience them and you would then be said to be a special soul.

S- Instead of thinking about the last moments, think about your last stage.