Sweet children, keep a chart of remembrance. The more you imbibe the habit of staying in remembrance, the more your sins will be cut away and the closer you will come to your karmateet stage.

Q- Which four things can indicate whether you have written an accurate chart or not?

A- 1) Your personality 2) Your behaviour 3) Your service 4) Your happiness. From looking at these four aspects, BapDada can tell whether you are writing your chart accurately or not. The chart of the children who do service in museums and exhibitions, those whose behaviour is royal and who experience limitless happiness, will definitely be good.

D- 1. Look at your own chart and check yourself: How much charity have I accumulated? To what extent has the soul become satopradhan? Settle all your accounts by staying in remembrance.___________2. In order to claim a scholarship, become serviceable and benefit many and be loved by the Father. Become a teacher and show the path to many others.

V- May you be an elevated soul who constantly moves forward with the blessing of sweetness. ___________Sweetness is such a special virtue that it makes any bitter ground sweet. Give anyone sweet drishti for a few moments, speak a few sweet words and you will be able to make that soul feel fulfilled. Just a few moments of sweet drishti and a few sweet words will change the world for that soul. Your two sweet words will become instrumental in that soul changing for all time. Therefore, always keep the blessing of sweetness with you. Remain constantly sweet and make everyone sweet.

S- Remain happy in every situation and you will understand all secrets.