Sweet children, continue to follow the Father’s elevated directions at every step. Only listen to the one Father and you will not be attacked by Maya.


What is the basis of claiming an elevated status?


In order to claim an elevated status, continue to follow every one of the Father’sdirections. As soon as you children receive a direction from the Father, accept it without further any thoughts. 2. Engage yourself in this spiritual study. You mustn’t remember anyone else. When you die, the world is dead for you; only then can you receive a high status.


May you grant a vision of your crown of light to your devotees through your own form and become a specially loved deity.

When you became the Father’s children and made a promise for purity, you received a crownof lightin return. The jewel-studded crown is nothing compared to this crown of light. The more you continue to inculcate purity into your thoughts, words and deeds, the clearer the crown of light will become and you will then be revealed as the specially loved deities in front of your devotees.


Always stay under the canopy of BapDada’s protection and you will become a destroyer of obstacles.