04/01/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, you are the swans who pick up pearls. Your group is the group of swans (hans mandli). You are lucky stars because the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, is personally teaching you Himself.

What enlightenment has the Father given all of you children through which your efforts have become intense?

The Father has given you this enlightenment: Children, it is now the end of this drama. You have to go to the new world. Don't think that you will receive whatever you are to receive. First, there has to be effort. To become pure and purify others is a very great service. As soon as you children received this enlightenment your efforts became intense.

You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become true helpers of God, that is, become the Godly Salvation Army and liberate everyone from Maya. Become like a diamond from a shell in this life and also make others the same.

2. Just as Baba churns the ocean of knowledge, so churn the knowledge in the same way. Become benevolent and remain occupied in doing spiritual service. Serve with honesty in your heart.


May you have an elevated character and remain constantly powerful by finishing any burden of disobedience about small things.

You have been directed to wake up at amrit vela and sit for meditation and so you do that. However, you cannot achieve success when the silence of sleep is mixed with sweet silence. 2. The Fatherís direction is: Do not cause sorrow or take sorrow from any soul. So, you donít cause sorrow, but you do take it. 3. You donít get angry but you become bossy. Disobedience in such small things burdens you. Now, finish that and make your character an image of one who is obedient and you will then be called souls who have a constantly powerful character.


Instead of asking for respect, give respect to everyone and you will continue to receive everyoneís respect.